Heli-Kit News #217, 27-Apr-06


1. Heller's two new 1:72 EC145 kits are now available.

These are given a very favourable review at ModelStories, including pictures of the box contents, which concludes with "this model seems to herald a revival of the aircraft model at Heller which reaches a level worthy of their Japanese competitors!"

Also now released is their new boxing of the 1:48 Ecureuil / Astar, the AS350B3 'Everest' (HKN #214)

2. And at just the same time, Revell have released the ADAC / Rega version of their 1:72 EC145, #04486; as well as a rebox of the Italeri MH-53J, 04491, which has decals for a Desert Storm aircraft from 21 SOS. Presumably these will be an improvement over the Italeri decals.

3. Italeri have released their new Wessex HAS.3, #1258. This is a re-box of the Revell kit which was itself a version based on Italeri's Wessex/H-34 moulds. This kit includes decals for two aircraft, a HAR.2 from the RAF operating from Cosford in 1967, and a more typical Fleet Air Arm 737NAS aircraft operated off HMS Antrim during the Falklands difficulty in 1982.

4. New from Platz 'Rescue Wings' is a limited release of two 1/144 JASDF Air Rescue UH-60J kits. The kits are moulded in a clear but slightly opaque plastic, and include a nose section with all the bumps moulded in for the radars and FLIR turret. The large external fuel tanks and support arms are included; but what is perhaps most impressive at this scale is the inclusion of a sheet of photoetched details: pitots, antennas, boarding handles, even the windscreen wipers are there! Decals are for two aircraft, serial numbers 18-4552 and 38-4578.

5. Two new 1:72 resin kits are due in July from Anigrand Craftswork. These are:

6. And also in the future, coming from FE Resins will be a 1:144 Vertol H-21.

7. Hobbylink Japan say that they expect the Academy/MRC 1:48 CH-53E to be available on or about May 31st.

8. We hear from MPM / Special Hobby that their 1:72 CH-37 Mojave is still making good progress, and that should any of us still be around, they plan to follow it with a 1:48 version in resin!

Conversions & Accessories

9. Pavla have released two new resin cockpit sets, both for 1:72 Italeri kits.

10. Cobra Company have released two new sets.

To replicate one of the Green Hornet gunships rather than a 'slick', you'll also need: This set has resin ammo cans, floor mounts, swing-arm gun mounts, main drive units, and gun barrels; plus ammo feed belts and shell ejector chutes are molded in flexible rubber.

Also coming soon from Cobra Company will be 1:48 MH-53J/M interior and weapons sets. The 1:35 corrections and details for the Trumpeter Chinook are progressing well and will follow later, followed by a 1:48 M-60D machinegun set.

11. Eduard's April releases are: 12. Future releases from CMK will include: Decals

13. Siam Scale have recently issued two new decal sheets: 14. Mike Grant Decals have drawn up decal artwork for three SH-60's:

(The HSL-49 aircraft has a large scorpion on the tail which is obscured by the tail rotor)

Mike wants to know how much demand there would be for these before progressing, so if you're interested, email him now.


15. Ginter have published another fascinating book in their 'Air Force Legends' series, #213, this covers the Vought/Hiller/Ryan XC-142A Tiltwing. Written by William Norton, it has 145 pages with 185 photos in monochrome and 3 in colour, 41 pages of drawings, scale plans, and 13 pages of test data. ISBN 0942612884

This is an essential refernce for anyone who has the excellent Anigrand XC-142A in their stockpile. (HKN #195).

16. The latest in the Kagero Topshots series, number 23, covers the Mil Mi-8 'Hip'. Authored by Krzysztof Barcz and Dariusz Warszawski, it's in English with a Polish summary, 44 B5 pages, ISBN 836044501x, and comes with a decal sheet featuring Polish aircraft.

Thanks to Pete Brown, Floyd Werner, Tony Morgan, Phillipe Dognon, Daniel Mueller, Steve Crow, and Felix Troschier..

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