Heli-Kit News #215, 17-Feb-06


1. Academy's next release in their 1:48 CH-46 series will be #12210, a Vietnam era version. All the parts and several build-ups of the Academy 1:48 MH-53E were exhibited at the recent Nuremberg Toy Fair; you can see photos of these at IPMS Deutschland, along with previews of the Heller 1:72 EC145 'Securite Civile', and of course.............

2. ......The 1:35 Trumpeter Chinook. There are now many reviews and discussions of this kit scattered over the net, including the HKN Forum and Cybermodeller. It is being generally well received , although some of the more discerning have detected some inaccuracies that will require attention, the most serious apparently being related to the size and shape of some parts of the cockpit glazing; it's said that the upper 'eyebrow' windows are too small and the windshield is too tall, making the front-on view a bit strange-looking. Fortunately it seems to be fairly easily fixable (or of course you can ignore it). A number of aftermarket items for the kit are already being prepared by Cobra Company and others.

We've also received this interesting information about the decals provided:

The longhorn steer on the front of the forward pylon & the white rectangle around the Cav patch on the aft pylon clearly identifies this Hook as belonging to the Longhorns of B Co., 228th, which, in 1970, was based at Bearcat, not Lai Khe as indicated on the sheet. Also, by this time, all 228th a/c I ever saw had the Winged Warriors batallion crest (white Pegasus & stars on a blue field) painted on the nose just below the anti-glare panel. Trumpeter does not include this marking on their sheet.

(Note also that the marking details given in HKN #214 relate to the forthcoming CH-47D version, not the present CH-47A kit!)

3. The Special Hobby 1:48 Fa.223E-0 Drache #SH48020 is now available, but the 1:72 CH-37 Mojave is once again missing from their latest catalogue. Note that Special Hobby first announced this Drache for release in 2003! For a comprehensive look at all the parts in the Drache kit, go back to IPMS Deutschland again.

4. Hasegawa have re-issued their limited-edition JASDF UH-60J 1:72 Rescue Hawk, #DT122. Decals are provided for aircraft 18-4551 of the Air Rescue Wing, however plenty of extra serial numbers are included to allow you to build other UH-60Js if you wish.

5. AModel's 2006 releases will include: The last two will be slight variants of the same mould; we are assuming at the moment that it will be a new one, rather than being derived from the Siga / Interavia version.

6. Italeri News 2006: - and last but NOT least - 7. This is a photo of the forthcoming Airfix HAS.5 kit, which will include parts to build the HAS.5, AEW.2 and ASaC.7 variants. The picture was taken at the recent Excel Toyfair in London, release is scheduled for the Autumn. Strangely, this seems to have been absent from the Nuremberg show?

8. Alanger / ICM are planning to issue two 1:72 Lynx kits in 2006, Army and Navy versions. These will be derived from the old Frog/Novo moulds.

Conversions & Accessories

9. Hannants have finally got around to re-issuing the Airwaves 1:72 detail set #AEC72111, for use with Italeri's (ex-Esci) UH-1D.

10. Eduard's February releases include: Decals

11. A recent publication by Aerocalcas Argentinas is decal sheet #48016 which gives markings for Argentine Navy Sea Kings as used in the Malvinas War.

12. Behemoth (Begemot) Decals have a nice new website, and so do Scale Nutz.

Thanks to Chris Miller, Dave Fleming, Colin Strachan, Andrey Kotkov, and R.L.Colbert.

If you buy something as a result of reading about it in Heli-Kit News, please remember to tell them that you saw it here. This will encourage the flow of more news in the future, and maybe we'll even get the occasional review sample!