Heli-Kit News #213, 03-Dec-05


1. Academy/MRC have now released the third version of their 1:48 Sea Knight, this time it's #12207, the "US Navy Version" CH/HH-46D.

Markings are provided for four aircraft:

2. Revell have released their 1:32 EC145 with ADAC and Securite Civile markings, #04481

Test shots of the sprues for new 1:144 Revell Apache are at DPMV, (click on Aktuell or I-Punkt in the menu).

We now have confirmation that the recently released Revell Ka-52 Alligator #04483 is made from the same moulds as Zvezda's second (and very good) version of their Ka-52 #7224 (see HKN #136). The decals are much better though.

3. Belcher Bits are working on updates for their 1:48 Lynx kits, both army and navy versions. These will include the (naval) Super Lynx, with new decals for Malaysia, South Korea and others.

Conversions & Accessories

4. New from Cobra Company is #35017, a resin XM-23 Doorgun set (M-60D) for the Panda UH-1 kits. This comes complete with rubber ammo belts.

5. Heritage Aviation have released a new Whirlwind HAR.10 nose job, labelled "Mk.10 Tropical Nose" (#72009). Unfortunately HKN carelessly managed to miss seeing this at the recent Scale ModelWorld 2005, so there are no further details at the moment.

6. Now available from Whirlybird are a number of new conversion and accessory sets: Future products planned by Whirlybird that haven't already been mentioned in HKN include a LA Sheriff's Sea King in 1:48, a corrected tail for the 1:72 Italeri UH-1C, and a winch set for the UH-1E, also 1:72.


7. Whirlybird have also issued another decal sheet. WB72023 'VIP Whirlwind' makes HAR.10 XJ407 as flown by No.32 Metropolitan Communications Sqn. from RAF Northolt in the 1970's.

8. New and recent decal sheets from Aviation Workshop in their Model Alliance ranges are: All four decal sheets show absolutely top-quality printing, and come with detailed colour instructions. The Chinook comes with a multi-page book of instructions (though my example is let down by poor colour registration and serious dereliction of duty in the proof-reading department - but don't let this put you off!).

A set of dust filters to go with the Op Granby aircraft is due to be released by the Aviation Workshop very soon, and we are promised that their 'Ark Royal' book, with Wessex and Whirlwind decals, has finally made it to the printers.

Also in preparation is a set of decals entitled 'Tigers Roar', which will include the UK Army 2005 Tigermeet Lynx, the spectacular French tiger-marked Lynx, and a CAF tiger-marked Huey.

9. Coming soon from Twobobs Aviation Graphics will be #48-112/35-002 AH-1W Whiskey, HMLA-169 Show Scheme (two scales on the one sheet).


10. Latest in the Kagero 'Topshots' series is a book on the Mi-17 in Polish service. This includes decals in 1:72 and a masking foil for basic markings in 1:35. 160 photos on 44 pages, ISBN 838908886X.

Thanks to Pawel Okulski, Bob Sanchez (Twobobs), Chris Miller (Cobra Co.), Roger Evans (Whirlybird), Mike Belcher (Belcher Bits), and Gary Madgwick (Aviation Workshop).

If you buy something as a result of reading about it in Heli-Kit News, please remember to tell them that you saw it here. This will encourage the flow of more news in the future, and maybe we'll even get the occasional review sample!