Heli-Kit News #211, 21-Oct-05


1. HR Model have expanded their existing range of Cierva autogyro variants, based on their Avro 504 moulds, with a new kit (#7349) of the C8L-11, in resin with etched brass. Decals for G-EBYY are provided. Pictures from Modelimex.

2. The Unicraft 1:72 resin Mil V-7 tip-jet is now available.

3. Zvezda have released their 1:72 Kamov Ka-50Sh 'Night Hunter', #7272. This is a 'modernised' version of the Ka-50 featuring the nose-mounted Samshit-50T thermal imaging system.

The promised 1:72 Mi-26 kit is still on the drawing board, but making progress. Next release should be a new-tool Mi-24 series in 1:72 scale, which is intended to correct 'deficiencies' in the Italeri kits.

4. Trumpeter will release two versions of their 1:35 Chinook, a Vietnam-era 'A' and a modern 'D'. A test shot sample has been reviewed by IPMS Philippines, their review includes pictures of all the parts for both models.

Conversions & Accessories

5. The new Verlinden detail set for the 1:32 Revell / Monogram AH-64 Apache is now available, #2198 (see HKN #208)

6. Cobra Company's conversions, accessories and decals now seem to be available from Luchtvaart as well as direct from the manufacturer.

7. Here's a full listing of the Part etched brass sets for the 1:35 Trumpeter Hind and Hip, and the 1:72 Zvezda Hips, some of which may not have been mentioned here in HKN before. 8. Eduard's October releases include: Decals

9. A new sheet of 1:72 decals for the Czech Mi-24V Hind have been printed by MPD, #72028. It's the stunning scheme seen at the 2004 NATO Tiger Meet at Schleswig-Jagel in Germany.

10. Begemot (Behemoth) have now printed the Mi-8/17 Hip decal sheets that were previewed in HKN #208. The contents are pretty much the same, although the final layouts are a bit different. The decals all come with fully illustrated instructions in both Russian and English which include recommended FS paint numbers, details of ancilliary equipment and stores, and a good deal more historical information than is given below. A wide selection of interesting and colourful paint schemes are covered. You can't see the white markings on these images.

11. RAFDEC decal sheet #7212 'RAF Post-war 1950's Part 1' includes a small section of HAR.2 & HAR.4 updates for their previous Whirlwind sheet #7211 (see HKN #193). This gives you badges for 155 & 202 Squadrons, white code letter 'T' for 155 Squadron, and a selection of stencils. Other aircraft on this sheet include Oxford, Hornet, Anson, Tempest and Beaufighter.

12. Coming soon from Fireball Modelworks will be markings for AH-1W Cobras in appropriate scales, including this semi-colourful example:

13. Toff Decals are preparing new decal sheets for Hungarian Air Force Hinds (1:35, now with stencils), and the AH-1T 'Gold Cobra' (1:72).


14. Two books on Greek military helicopters have been published by 'Special Projects' in collaboration with the Hellenic Army General Staff. Photography is by Antonias Tsagaratos, and they have both Greek and English text:

15. Kagero have published a 'Topshots' book on the Mi-24D/W covering the Hind in service with the Polish Air Force. It has 160 pictures - general views and many details of interest to modellers, isometric drawings, and a small decal sheet in 1:72, 1:48, and 1:35 - this only has three 'roundels', a pair of each of the serials white 727, 459 & 277, and a pair of tail rotor warnings in each scale. ISBN 8389088649.

16. A book by Steve Ginter on the Bell HSL-1 is due to be published very soon, in their 'Naval Fighters' series; 88 pages, coloured front and back cover, ISBN 094261270X. This will include a build review of the recent kit from Anigrand Craftswork (see HKN #210)

Thanks to Joseph Osborn (Fireball), Guy Holdroyd (Linden Hill), Andrey Kotkov (Behemoth), Gino P. Quintiliani, Tommy Thomason, Tony Morgan, Jaroslav Spacek, Drew Graham & Harold Stockton.

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