Heli-Kit News #210, 28-Sep-05


1. Anigrand's Bell XHSL-1 anti-submarine helicopter kit is now available, #AA-2043. As expected, the quality of this resin production is top-class. You get nearly 50 parts, plus a vacform canopy and decals. As with all Anigrand kits, you can order a spare canopy and/or decal sheet with the kit for a nominal extra charge.

Included is a fairly well detailed two-piece P&W R-2800-50 engine that's visible through the open rear doors when installed.

2. As predicted in HKN #205, the boxart for the forthcoming Academy 1:48 CH/HH-46D Sea Knight 'US Navy Version' #12207 shows the well-known 'stars & stripes' scheme from the HC-11 aircraft which flew off USS Camden. Also included will be three other schemes featuring both US Navy and Marines aircraft.

3. There is a rumour going around that says Revell will release a 1:72 kit of the Sikorsky S-76 Spirit in 2006.

4. Legato appear to have shelved their development of their S-76 as a result of the Revell rumour. Meanwhile, Legato's next VTOL release will be a 1:48 Doak VZ-4DA, #4815.

5. A pre-production look at the 1:35 Trumpeter Chinook at the recent Tokyo Hobby Show confirms that they are billing it as a CH-47A, but the plastic appears to represent a later version. Release is expected in December.

6. Following on from the announcement of the 1:100 Battle Rotors range from Aoshima in the previous edition of HKN, the UH-1H (gunship & slick options) and the AH-64A are now also available, and an Mi-24 Hind is due at the end of October.

Noting that while the Battle Rotors kits are said to be very good, except that they have useless decals, Fireball Modelworks will happily supply their appropriate AH-1G and UH-1 Slick decal sheets printed at 1:100 scale on request.

7. In November Dragon are expected to add to their 'Air Superiority' 1:144 Blackhawk series with the release of #4580, a pair of MH-60L titled 'Task Force Ranger, Somalia 1993'.

The Dragon website has detailed pictures, just keep clicking through the pages, these appear to show CAD images rather than pictures of the actual plastic.

Conversions & Accessories

8.Whirlybird have several items of news for us.

Their conversion set to make a Model 234 commercial Chinook from the 1:72 Italeri MH-47 is targeted for Scale ModelWorld 2005 in November. This will have new airliner window inserts, airstair, air conditioning scoop, composite rotor blades, interior details (seats, toilet compartment, front & rear bulkheads, etched brass overhead storage bins etc.) plus etched brass instrument panels for the cockpit, and a set of British Airways decals (expected to be more accurate and detailed than the recent S&M Decs set (HKN#209). Other versions of this set, to make 234's for other operators may follow.

Whirlybird have also nearly finished a 1:72 decal sheet and conversion set for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Sea King and are working on a 1:72 decal sheet and conversion for a Guardia di Finanza AB412. It is hoped that this will provide the radar scanner on the cabin roof plus a new fairing for front of the rotor pylon, a NiteSun searchlight, 'other bits & pieces', extra fuel tanks and the radar operator's position for the rear cabin.

9. Ciro Models have released a 1:72 resin and etched-brass cockpit detail set, #C-017, for the KP Mi-4 Hound kit. The etched brass provides for two alternative main panel layouts, plus smaller instrument panel fronts and seat harnesses, while the nine resin parts include a new detailed cockpit floor, a detailed rear bulkhead, main panel, seats and sticks.

The set is available through Modelimex, among others.

10. Coming soon from CMK is a 1:48 'Vietnam LRRP US Helicopter crew', #F48103.

11. And also coming soon, this time from Goffy Model, is a 1:72 cockpit, armament and engine detail set #7251 for the AH-1S Cobra. Goffy are better known for their AFV detail products, they seem to have branched out into aircraft details just recently.


12. Taiwan's Tataga Studio have released some new decal sheets since HKN last looked at their products (HKN #168 & #170).

These items have been available through Hobbyeasy of Hong Kong, though they are currently showing them all as out-of-stock.


13. Modeller's Close-Up #3 from Dataview Publishing will cover the "H-60 Series". The front cover shows both Blackhawk and Sea Hawk variants.

Thanks to Joseph Osborn (Fireball Modelworks), Tony Morgan, Roger Evans (Whirlybird), Colin Ritchie, and Petr Kovar (Modelimex).

If you buy something as a result of reading about it in Heli-Kit News, please remember to tell them that you saw it here. This will encourage the flow of more news in the future, and maybe we'll even get the occasional review sample!