Heli-Kit News #209, 07-Sep-05


1. Aoshima have released a new range of 1:100 helicopter kits called 'Battle Rotors. Currently available are a UH-60 and an AH-1G, with an Apache and a Huey gunship to follow. The descriptions of the Blackhawk and Cobra kits at Hobbylink Japan are quite complimentary.

2. Revell will be making their new 1:32 EC145 in REGA colours as well, #4492. Both this and the previously advertised ADAC / Securite Civile version (#4481) are due for release in October 2005.

3. Unicraft Models will be starting work on the master for a 1:72 kit of the Mil V-7 tip-jet master this month, with the kit itself expected to be available early in 2006.

When the kit arrives, you'll be needing this picture from the excellent All The World's Rotorcraft, where you'll find other useful cockpit photos and much more besides.

4. Airfix may be planning a new version of their 1:72 Sea King, with additional parts to make the UK Royal Navy AEW.2 and/or ASaC.7.

Conversions & Accessories

5. Cobra Company's 1:72 S-58T nose conversion is now available, #72020. This set comprises four resin parts; the nose itself, a two-part exhaust pipe, and a 'lower support structure' which goes underneath. The conversion will work with any of the Italeri or Revell H-34 kits, as well as their Wessexes, you just need to ensure that your chosen base kit has the correct undercarriage configuration for the T-nose version that you intend to build. You may want to check out the various combinations of windows as well, though some modification in this area is likely to be required.

The complex shapes of the sloping intake area and the bulge beneath seem to have been captured pretty well, and will certainly result in a model that looks more-or-less correct, though as is often the case it's hard to be sure just how accurate it is in the absence of reliable drawings or dimensions. The set is derived from masters made by Glen Genest, some of whose models are displayed in the HKN Gallery.

Some new reviews of other Cobra Company products have appeared recently on Cybermodeler Aftermarket Detail Reviews.

6. L&M Resin is a new name from Croatia, they make some interesting 1:72 conversion/correction sets: 7. The latest releases from Eduard include: Decals

8. The latest decal sheets from Fireball Modelworks are for another Huey. This time it's the very colorful UH-1H used by the Taiwanese Ministry of the Interior.

This sheet lets you build two different examples: the pre-2004 National Fire Agency version with white lettering and blue emblems, and the current National Airborne Service Corps version with the blue lettering but no emblems. Numbering options allow any of the twenty different helicopters in the fleet to be depicted. It's available in four scales (1:32, 35, 48 & 72).

Fireball are also planning a set of markings for the ACH-47A gunship, for release sometime before the end of this year.

9. The following new decals are now available from The Aviation Workshop. These are screen-printed and are based on new artwork (i.e. they are not the same as the previous Hawkeye Models versions):

And these new sheets are currently at their printers, the first at least will be available in both 1:72 & 1:48: 10. The S&M Dec 1:72 decals #SM72-08 for the BAH Model 234 Chinook (HKN #206), sheet #SM72-08, are now available through TAHS. You get a choice of three serials; G-BISP, G-BISR, or G-BJAC, plus the British Airways titles, a selection of footstep stripes, and the large Union Flag adornment for the rear pylon. The red in the flag decal will need to be matched with paint to complete the markings. These being airliner decals, they also provide strip of decal for each side to represent the doors & windows.

Also new in the S&M range is a set of 'what if' BEA markings, sheet #SM72-37, for the Airfix Rotodyne, providing the fictional serials G-ROTO (last seen on a Rotorway Ex.90) and G-DYNE (now a Cessna), as well as BEA titles and a broad stripe for each side. For this model you use the kit windows, the stripe having holes for these as in the original blue Airfix decal, though you're going to have to cut these out by hand - which should be interesting.

11. The Ukrainian company Olimp Models has launched a new decal range called Authentic Decals that includes AD7205 'Mi-8 and Mi-17 Hip-C/H', a selection of 15 different aircraft from USSR/Russia and Ukraine. Colour profiles of all the options are shown at their website.

12. Leading Edge Decals are projecting a new decal sheet for the CH-118 in the 439 Sqn. RCAF/CAF 70th anniversary 'Tiger' special scheme (1994) in both 1:72 and 1:48.

Thanks to Gary Madgwick (The Aviation Workshop), Harold Stockton, Joseph Osborn (Fireball Modelworks), Igor Petrovic, and Chief Snake (Cobra Company)..

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