Heli-Kit News #206, 10-Jun-05


1. The Extratech VS-300 kit is now available, and it's been worth waiting for. Those of you who are familiar with their previous helicopter kits such as the Lama (HKN #92) and Djinn (HKN #111) will know what to expect - high quality resin castings and superbly detailed etched brass frets, clear and comprehensive instruction sheets, and top quality decals. You will not be disappointed.

There are about 26 resin parts (in this picture the pouring blocks have already been removed from the larger parts), two sheets of exquisite etched brass, a small acetate instrument panel and windshield, and a decal sheet with the 'N' numbers on it.

You can build one of the two final VS-300-G configurations, one with wheels and the other with floats - the bindings to attach the floats to their supporting bars are provided in etched brass.

The second picture shows the cockpit framing, along with the rear lattice boom partly assembled, fitted with a transmission shaft, and loosely attached to the engine and fuselage mouldings. The brass assemblies go together beautifully, with just a touch of thin cyanoacrylate run along the joins.

Remember that Extratech also make a series of etched brass detailing sets, the quality of these is now at least as good as any you'll find elsewhere. The Mangusta and Alouette III brass sets were illustrated in HKN #157.

2. Revell's 1:32 Eurocopter EC-135 'Air Zermatt' #04423 is now on general release, having previously only been available as a special edition through Air Zermatt themselves (see HKN #196) and one or two other outlets in continental Europe.

3. Amodel's latest release is another Ka-226, this time an ambulance variant, #72130.

4. Dragon Models will follow up their recent release of a pair of UH-60L Blackhawks (HKN #203) with another box containing a pair of 1:144 MH-60G, due for release in August.

Conversions & Accessories

5. Tremendous news from the Chief Snake. Cobra Company are going to bring us an S-58T turbine nose conversion for the 1:72 Italeri H-34 kit, which incidentally is itself due for re-issue sometime in 2005. The nose is expected to be available in July.

6. Hannants have re-issued these Airwaves sets: 7. Eduard's June releases include a 2-sheet brass set #73258 for the 1:72 Revell Sea King with Skua Missiles. One of the sheets in the set is pre-painted, and is also available by itself in the 'Zoom' series as #SS258.

8. Cutting Edge / Black Magic have released paint mask sets for the 1:35 Panda UH-1N and Trumpeter Mi-8 kits, you can read reviews by Steve Bamford in the June 8th and 9th updates at the Aircraft Resource Center.


hkn206.htm 9. The next decal sheet from Behemoth (Begemot) is expected to be for the Mi-8/17, and hopefully it will be just the first in a series of sheets for the 'Hip'.

Their Ka-27 decals (HKN #161) have been re-printed with mistakes corrected and a bigger and clearer instruction sheet.

10. Scale Aviation Modeller International's June edition has a review of various laser-printed airliner decals from a new company called S&M Dec. The review also says:

S&M's Mel Bromley tells us that he has plans for a British Airways Helicopters Chinook for the Italeri or Revell kits of the MH-47E SOA variant with radar nose (should be available by the time you read this)

Nice grammar. Does that mean the kit should be available, or S&M's decals should be available? We don't know.

11. The latest issues of several monthly magazines carry advertisements from the Aviation Workshop / Model Alliance that would have us believe that various interesting items have been released, including the decals in several scales for RNZN Seasprites, RAN Great White Sharks Sea King (a re-issue ?), and CAF CH-146 Griffins.

There is no reason to suppose that these are really available yet. HKN will let you know when there is concrete evidence of their existence.

The Aviation Workshop's new website does show various examples of box and decal artwork that make us think that some progress is being made.


12. The latest catalogue from Midland Counties Publications lists two new books on already well-covered subjects: 13. Aviatsija i Vremya issue N2/2005 features the Kamov Ka-50 and Ka-52.

Thanks to Harold Stockton, Chris Miller (Cobra Company), Andrew Kotkov (Begemot/Behemoth), Antonín Kozdera (Extratech).

If you buy something as a result of reading about it in Heli-Kit News, please remember to tell them that you saw it here. This will encourage the flow of more news in the future, and maybe we'll even get the occasional review sample!