Heli-Kit News #204, 28-Apr-05


1. As advertised, Accurate Armour's 1:35 resin Lynx AH.7 kits made their public debut at the IMPS Scottish Nationals in Perth, on 23rd & 24th April, and certainly attracted a lot of attention.

As you can see in this picture of the parts from H3502, which has additional IRCM exhaust cowls with etched brass baffle plates and optional air intake sand filters, you certainly get plenty of parts in the box, and many of these exhibit impressive levels of detail.

The decal sheet is common to both kits and includes, among others, markings for XZ679 and XZ670/X (Gulf War #1, sand & desert pink), XZ611/H, XZ205, and ZO281/K (NW Europe), and for XZ610 (Royal Marines).

2. Revell released two heli-kits in April, the first being their new 1:72 Eurocopter 'EC145 VIP' #04422.

This comes on three trees of white plastic, examination of which suggests that further variants are planned. It looks like there will be alternative seating arrangements, and mounting points for a hoist are present on the left side of the fuselage.

Attractive markings are provided for the Eurocopter demonstrator D-HMBM (see HKN #181), and for two German Police aircraft, D-HMBO and D-HHEA.

3. Revell's second release uses the Esci 1:48 Bo105 moulds to make the 'PAH-1/VBH', which has two German Heeresflieger alternatives, both with HOT missiles.

4. The plastic in Revell's Chinook MH-47E / HC.3 #4480, released in March, is identical to that in the Italeri MH-47E #1218 (HKN #134), including the incorrect rotor blades and analogue cockpit. The decal sheet is an improvement however, which could arguably make substantial price difference a little more acceptable.

Whirlybird make a set of resin Chinook 'composite' rotor blades to correct these kits.

Conversions & Accessories

5. Cobra Company have released #48036, a set to convert the 1:48 Fujimi AH-1J into an AH-1G. This includes a complete doghouse, pylon cap, 'toilet bowl' exhaust diverter, engine vent panels, turret, minigun barrels, new cockpit tub, seats and armor, corrected instrument panels and pilot gunsight.

6. New from Heritage Aviation Models is #72006, a resin nose to convert the Italeri (& Revell) Sikorsky H-19 into a Westland Whirlwind HAR.10. This has been mastered by someone at the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group, who will also be producing another to make the Whirlwind HAS.7. Also available from Linden Hill Imports.

7. The latest accessory and conversion parts from Whirlybird are: Decals

8. The latest news from Fireball Modelworks is that their Seawolves decals are now available in 1:24 scale for those folks with the big Monogram UH-1B.

A Huey Slick set is almost done, this too will be be available in four scales (1:72, 1:48, 1:35, and 1:32)

Also in preparation is a smaller (and thus cheaper) set of markings for one of two orange German Air Rescue Service Bell 212s, in 1:72, 1:48, and 1:35. Requests for further subjects are welcomed.

9. The next Whirlybird decal sheet will be WB72025 'Workhorse Rescue', with markings for a USAF MATS SH-21B in high-visibility Arctic colours.

Thanks to Accurate Armour, Gertjan Zwart, Colin Russell, Heritage Aviation Models, and Joseph Osborn (Fireball Modelworks).

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