Heli-Kit News #199, 05-Feb-05


1. Special Hobby have released their 1:48 Sikorsky R-4 / Hoverfly Mk.1 with floats.

There are two sprues, the original with the fuselage halves, rotor blades etc., and the addition to the kit; cleanly moulded floats and their supporting struts. Also included is a fair sized photo-etch fret with float webbing details, and a bag of resin parts which build into a detailed cockpit.

The decals give markings for two Royal Navy and one U.S. Navy aircraft. With the resin cockpit and photo-etch parts, the kit is now far more detailed than its original issue (and the original detailed rotor is still included) and it's not all that much more expensive. Unfortunately the clear parts are still vac-formed, in two halves that have to be joined down the centre along a frame line.

2. Academy/MRC's JASDF KV-107/II-5 is now released (#12205). As well as the 50th Anniversary 'White Heron' special markings, there are also decals for the standard operational scheme.

All are aircraft from the Hamamatsu Air Rescue Squadron. The enlarged fuel-tank sponsons set this version apart from the earlier Academy/MRC CH-46E. Both Cybermodeler and Internet Modeler have in-box reviews of this kit.

3. Airfix will be re-issuing their 1:72 Sea King HAR.2 as part of a special 'Rescue' set (08668) that will also contain their 1:72 RNLI Lifeboat.

4. Soon to appear from Fujimi will be a re-issue (31107) of their 1:48 AH-1S Cobra in markings for an aircraft from the JGSDF's Akeno Air Base.

5. Amodel's 1:72 Mil Mi-6 'Hook' may be released in two versions, 'Early' and 'Late'. NKR are suggesting an approximate price of only A$66 (US$51, Euro40) which seems remarkable value for a kit of this size.

6. The Accurate Armour people tell us that their 1:35 Lynx AH.1 will be out in the next 2 or 3 months, i.e. by April. Price is likely to be in the region of US$280, Euro210.

Conversions & Accessories

7. New from Cobra Company are: 8. Hannants have re-issued the following former Airwaves sets: 9. Eduard's February releases will include another in their Big Ed series; this time the Merlin HC.3 gets the treatment, with BIG7212 including the two etched brass sets 73240 and 73246, canopy & wheel masks XS190, and RBF tags 73008.

10. Aviation Workshop / Model Alliance will be importing the new Rotorhead Design conversion sets (HKN #198) into the UK, and expect to have limited stocks available about now.


11. Model Alliance's RAF Chinook decal sheet MA-72119 is now 'fully commissioned' (whatever that means) and should be available early May.

12. Vingtor Decals from Norway have issued a sheet (72-006) designed by Nils Mathisrud covering RNoAF helicopters in United Nations service. This review is by Knut Erik Hagen:

Markings are provided for any one of seven different RNoAF UH-1B helicopters flying in the NORAIR detachment serving with the UN in Lebanon 1978-79 and similarly for 412SP Arapaho machines with NORAIR supporting the UN in the former Yugoslavia republic of Bosnia Herzegovina, based in Tuzla 1993-96.

As usual for UN aircraft and helicopters, the finish is all-over white with black and blue markings. The Norwegian roundels have been retained on the tail booms, and they have fortunately been printed with the red part separate as they and the Norwegian flag are notoriously difficult to get in proper register.

A lot of tiny stencils are provided for the Bell UH-1B; with all the information crammed onto one A4 page with drawings, you are going to need a magnifying glass to find the location for all of them. The Bell 412s don`t have that many stencils, so it will be easier to position the decals. I am not 100% sure if all the Bell 412s had roundels painted in exactly the position shown in the instructions, when studying photos that show them and the cargo door / flare launcher, I think they should be a bit further towards the tail.

All Bell 412s and some UH-1Bs should have a Crash Position Indicator (CPI) on starboard. side of the tail boom and all 412s should also have flare launchers on the port side. Stencils in silver are included for the CPI, I think white would be more appropriate. These will have to be scratch built. Some information on the CPI and flare launchers would have made it easier to scratch them for people who do not have their own reference collection on RNoAF helicopters. You can find some photos of RNoAF helicopters at IPMS Norway and Airpics.

Most of the NORAIR Bell 412s flew in Norway in the white scheme for a while, and you should be able to make any of these machines by omitting the UN titles on your model. As a bonus, three UN roundels for RNoAF C-130H Hercules transports are printed on the decal sheet, but they are not mentioned in the instructions. All in all, this is a well researched and printed sheet, but I would have liked to see the drawings a bit larger.

Vingtor Decals are available from Romerike Hobbysenter (Hobbyland A.S.) ; Vingtor in English is Winged Thor.

13. Two Bobs Aviation Graphics released their Operation Iraqi Freedom AH-64D Apache decal sheet (48085) at the end of last year. This includes markings for three different US Army Longbows. Two of the schemes feature shark's mouths, while the third has Bald Eagle / Stars & Stripes tail art. Two complete models can be decaled from the one sheet.

14. Fireball Modelworks is the new name for Joseph Osborn's productions.

Their first project was a resin detail set (FM32-001) for the 1:32 Revell/Monogram AH-1G HueyCobra (see HKN #196). There's a review of this on Hyperscale.

The next project due for release is a decal set to accompany the 1:32 AH-1G detail set. The decals will be ALPS-printed and will be a limited production item. They will also be available in 1:48 scale and 1:72 scale. Entitled 'AH-1G HueyCobra Part 1: US Army in Vietnam', the sheet will include four subjects from the US Army during the Vietnam War, and will also include some generic insignia and badges to help depict other helicopters of the era.

Another set featuring the Spanish Navy, Israeli Air Force, and US Marines will be available soon after.

Books & Magazines

15. Aviatsija i Vremya 6'2004, features the Mil Mi-2, including 91 photos and 1:72 plans.

Thanks to Gary Madgwick (Model Alliance), Chris Miller (Cobra Company), Knut Erik Hagen, and Ben Henri.

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