Heli-Kit News #198, 20-Jan-05


1. Revell have released the following two items: And there are some more additions to their 2005 list: 2. The Trumpeter new release list for 2005 includes the following: The Chinook may be derived from unreleased work done by Academy/MRC, while the new Dauphin would appear to be different from the previous Japanese Rescue variant, which was released as #02818.

3. Academy's next version of their 1:48 H-46 will be a JASDF KV-107/II-5 in special markings, one of three forthcoming KV-107 variants, we hear.

4. Amodel's known future releases include: There are two different Ka-226 box-art pictures in circulation, but they look very similar.

Careful examination of pictures of some of the sprues of the Mi-6 at rumodelism.com also appear to show them marked for use in a forthcoming Mi-10 kit, for example the tail rotor ......

5. Zvezda's 2005 list includes: It certainly looks like it's going to be a good year for 1:72 Russian giants!

Conversions & Accessories

6. Rotorhead Design is a new name from Argentina; those readers who having been paying attention will be eagerly awaiting their first releases, which are available now:

We are hoping to get some better photos of these products soon. Please email Pablo or Alejandro at Rotorhead Design for more details.

7. Eduard's December 2004 releases included a 'Big Ed' collection for the 1:35 Academy/MRC UH-1C Huey, BIG3209. This comprises the following previously-released Eduard sets: And their January 2005 list includes these new items for the 1:48 Academy CH-46E Sea Knight: 8. Here's a message from Floyd Werner about his Kiowa Warrior conversion/upgrade set that was released at the end of last year by Meteor Productions in their Cutting Edge range, CEC35013:

There was a small issue with the set. Actually two, the first is that the APR-39 and IR lights were originally not included in the set. This was an oversight on Meteor's part when shipping the original boxings, and has now been rectified. If you bought the set and it is missing just write to Meteor I'm sure they will send the missing parts.

The other issue is the instructions are incorrect in that the mount for the ALQ-144 (disco light) is actually two pieces. There is a bottom piece that is included, which is offset when mounted. This has the mounts and supports on it. Then there is another part which is the bottom of the ALQ-144 itself. This part will fit on the bottom piece with the base of the part actually sitting inside of the mount. Take careful note of the supplied photos for the proper orientation of the mount. It is quite offset. It doesn't look right to the normal eye but it is correct for the actual aircraft. If you want to make the mount without the ALQ installed the modeler will have to cut his own piece of .005 styrene (as per the supplied photos) and this will actually just sit on the mount. I've enclosed a photo to better explain the build.

The small round block on the same sprue as the ALQ mount is for the under the aft part of the fuselage for the anti-collision light. There has been some confusion about that, with some people thinking it is on of the APR mounts. It is not. Just add it under the tail of the fuselage and then add the anti-collision light from the kit.

I hope you and everyone like the set as much as I enjoyed making it. I'm very proud to put my name on it. Sorry it took so long to get to market but I think the results are well worth the wait. Take care and have a Happy New Year.

The set provides a completely new doghouse engine cowling, with the ducted air inlets for the engine cooling air. This has been standard fit on all Kiowa Warriors since the beginning of the Bosnia war, and provides improved airflow during sorties with 2.75 rockets using the Mk. 66 rocket motors. The set also includes an accurate ALQ-144 mount - on top of the tail boom immediately behind the engine exhaust. This part has been completely reshaped and stiffeners added, along with the mounts for attaching the ALQ-144. Parts are provided so you can choose whether or not to mount the actual ALQ-144. The set also includes the APR-39/V-2 Radar Warning Receiver antennae, the Engine Barrier Filters mounted above the engine compartment and used during Operation Iraqi Freedom, the GPS antenna on the tail boom, and other small parts.

Books & Magazines

9. The 5/6 04 edition of Aeroplan magazine, from Poland, is in effect a monograph on the PZL W-3 Sokol. You get 66 pages with 9 articles covering history, construction details, production and export, camouflage and markings (nose art pictures included), and model kits, with many colour profiles, plus a CD with over 1600 photos and some movie files. The only thing missing seems to be scale drawings.

It's available from Jadar.

10. Osprey will be publishing two new books on the Apache: The second one is said to contain 'dramatic combat photography from the crews that flew the Apache in Afghanistan and Iraq'

Thanks to Shuuichi Manei, Harold Stockton, Felix Troschier, Floyd Werner, Pawel Okulski, George Filyagin, Simon Alder, and Pablo Ziegler.

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