Heli-Kit News #192, 30-Aug-04

1. Amodel have released a 1:72 Ka-126, #7272. Although this superficially resembles the KA-26, of which Amodel have two different kits, there are many differences, most noticably the replacement of the external podded engines by a unit mounted in the roof above the cabin area.

2. Maquette have released a 1:72 Mi-4 'Hound', #7256. Presumably this is a re-box of one of the existing kits, but it's most likely to be the Plastyk mould that has already appeared under at least four other names. Basic decals are provided for a Soviet military aircraft, White 03, and for Aeroflot CCCP-31410.

3. Unicraft have released two new 1:72 resin kits of rotary UAVs.

4. In September, Revell will issue a new version of their excellent 1:72 EC135, this time with markings for French and Australian aircraft, #4475.

Also due in September is their 1:48 Apache Longbow, #4420, which is now rumoured to be a re-box of the excellent Hasegawa kit.

Meanwhile, new 1:100 'snap-kits' of the KA-50 'Hokum', and the EC135 are now available, #6621 and #6622 respectively.

5. Modelling Madness have a mostly favourable review by Scott van Aken of the 1:48 metal, resin, etched brass, and vacuform Piasecki H-21 now available from Fonderie Miniature. This article includes pictures of all the parts and the decal sheets, which provide markings for three aircraft: Note the comments in the review about the problems with the US markings.

6. Also in September, there will be a JASDF 50th Anniversary edition of the 1:72 UH-60J from Fujimi, #72173.

7. Coming soon from Cobra Company will be their resin 1:35th scale UH-1N update for the Panda kit. This includes complete cockpit and seat correction, reshaped nose and all the exterior sensors and FLIR unit. A weapons kit will be following shortly.

As well as these, Cobra Co's list of Future Projects currently includes the following: 8. Eduard have released their three separate 1:48 sets for the Hasegawa Sea King in one 'Big Ed' set, #BIG4812. This comprises: 9. Linden Hill are exclusive sellers of Alps decal sheets from Toff Productions of Budapest. The first offering is for Hungarian AF Mi-24 'Hind's. Available in 1:48 and 1:72 (#481121 & 721121), these feature both the current markings and the old Warsaw Pact era red star design. This sheet is also due soon in 1:35 scale.

Also available at the Linden Hill website are extensive previews of the decal and profile artwork for the Mi-24/25/35s on their own 'Bush War Hinds part 2', which is due for release in all three scales in September. #72012, 48012, and 35002

To accompany these there will also be sheets of 'Complete Technical Stencil Data' for one aircraft, the sheet including options for both 'new' and faded red stars. #72013, 48013, and 35003

10. Hyperscale have published a review of a new modelling book on the Agusta A.129 Mangusta, by Marco Mattioli, published by IBN Editori as No.8 in their Aviolibri Special series.

11. Lastly, we must mention the new Helicopter Photo Albums site featuring excellent walk-around photography by Alec Revelle. HKN adds its thanks and congratulations to those already widely expressed on the HKN Forum.

Thanks to Drew Graham, Guy Holroyd (Linden Hill Imports), Chris Miller (Cobra Company) & Tony Morgan.

If you buy something direct from the maker as a result of reading about it in Heli-Kit News, please remember to tell them that you saw it here. This will encourage the flow of more news in the future, and maybe we'll even get the occasional review sample!