Heli-Kit News #190, 25-Jun-04

1. Trumpeter's 1:35 Hip has been released, at least in Japan, where it was briefly available from HobbyLink Japan before they sold out their initial stock. HLJ say:

"Trumpeter continues their series of BIG 1/35 helicopters with a Hip-H! This kit features fully detailed engines, cockpit, landing gear and rotor head. Engine hatches, cockpit overhead hatch and forward boarding hatch can all be posed open. With a little ingenuity, the cockpit side windows and rear clamshell doors should also be able to be positioned open. Markings are provided for 3 aircraft, one each from Slovakia, Czech and (of course) Russia. Park it next to your Trumpeter Hind!"

2. The next 1:72 resin kit releases from Anigrand Craftswork are scheduled to be: 3. While we are still waiting for the new 1:48 Academy CH-46E Sea Knight to become generally available, and beginning to wonder about the delay, news has come from a source close to Academy that they are now test-building pre-production mouldings of the HKP-4, KV-107, and CH-113 variants.

4. Cobra Company have their CH-46E detail set #48036 pretty well ready for release as soon as the kit appears. Cobra tell us that this contains:

Also ready to roll from Cobra Company is #32005, a 20mm XM-35 Vulcan cannon for the Revell AH-1G, which will have:
5. Twobobs Aviation Graphics now plan to have their next batch of decals ready for the 2004 IPMS/USA National Convention, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from August 4th to 7th. This selection will include sheets in 1:48 for Operation Iraqi Freedom Longbows, and for the CH-46E (which hopefully will have materialised by then).

6. Linden Hill will be adding markings for an Armenian Mi-24RKhR Hind-G1 to their forthcoming "Bush War Hinds Part 2", hopefully without affecting the proposed July release date. This mark of Hind was designed for NBC clear-up work, being equipped with various additional nose and pylon-mounted sensors, air sampling scoops, and devices on the wingtips for taking soil samples which could be recovered in safety and then analysed in the cabin by a specialist crew.

7. Whirlybird have now published their second sheet of decals for the RAF Shawbury No.2 FTS Whirlwinds. WB72022 is for the HAR.10 in the later CFS scheme of white, red, and light aircraft grey (see also HKN #187, item 5).

8. A new range of resin conversion parts is being developed in Argentina. Experience suggests we should always be cautious about such projects from previously unknown sources, but if the good intentions are fulfilled, we will get: All questions about these three sets to Pablo Ziegler please.

Thanks to Arnold Chiu (Anigrand Craftswork), Guy Holroyd (Linden Hill), Chris Miller (Cobra Company), Pablo Ziegler, Skip Robinson, Pete Tasker, and Shuichii Manei.

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