Heli-Kit News #185, 05-Apr-04

1. Lonewulf Models have released a 1:72 resin kit of the Baynes Heliplane, a 1937-39 British tilt-rotor combat aircraft project.

They are also hoping to release a Hafner Rotatank later this year (based on the 1:72 Italeri Valentine tank).

2. Vami Models from Belgium have released a 1:72 Bristol Sycamore HR.14B, believed to be a resin kit. The boxart shows Belgian markings, but decals may not be included in the box.

3. Fujimi's April re-issues, all 1:48, will be: 4. If you have heard anything about the bureaucratic entanglements to which Amodel have been subjected of late, you'll be relieved to know that they are now confident enough to allow an announcement of their impending new kit releases, which include the Mi-3 #7297 (first mentioned in HKN #162).

5. Next from Flying Papa's Decals will be 1:72 markings for a Japanese civilian WS-51 Dragonfly Mk.1A, JA-7014 (ex. G-ANAM).

This is one of two that were used by Tohoku Denryoku (Tohoku Electric Company) around the city of Sendai, it is now preserved in the Misawa Aviation & Science Museum, Aomori.

6. Eduard's April releases will be: …plus a set of Express masks for the 1:35 Academy / MRC OH-58D Kiowa , #XL058.

7. Lela Presse have published a series called the "Monographies Argentines" that deals with the various aircraft operated by the armed forces of Argentina. One of these is entitled "Sikorsky S-55/H-19 & S-58".

Thanks to Harold Stockton, Adrian Hampton (Lonewulf Models), and Shuichi Manei (Flying Papa's).

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