Heli-Kit News #180, 21-Jan-04

1. The Akatombo 1:72 Bell XV-15 was released on 04-Jan-04. It appears to have about 40 resin parts with engraved panel lines, and a vacform canopy.

2. The latest from Whirlybird is WBA72020, for the 1:72 Revell Sea King, a set of replacement sponsons whose purpose is at present unknown. Whirlybird have been asked for more details.

3. A number of vendors are now taking pre-orders for the first of the 1:48 Academy H-46 Sea Knights, this issue being the "CH-53E USMC 'Bullfrog'. A draft of the decal sheet showed markings for HMM-261 'Raging Bulls' as per the box-art drawing now in circulation, for HMM-162 'Wombats', and for a VH-64F from HMX-1 'Nighthawks', the Presidential transport squadron, - though whether these markings will be in the final release in April or May remains to be seen.

4. Airfix's contribution to 2004 will be: 5. Heller are about to release a revised version of their 1:35 SA321G Super Frelon as #80489, as suggested in HKN #170. The interior details of the cockpit have been altered and enhanced, and various other corrections have been made to the original which was based on the first prototype (now preserved at Le Bourget).

6. Pictures of the parts for their forthcoming 1:35 Mil Mi-24V Hind-E #05103 are on display at the Trumpeter website; 468 pieces of plastic on 12 sprues, plus a sheet of etched brass (windscreen wipers, harnesses, & antennae), with markings for a Czech tiger and another from Russia.

7. Hawkeye Models of Australia now have their own website up and running, well worth a thorough investigation since there seem to be a number of items there that were not available or known to be planned when they were sailing under the flag of the International Model Alliance.

8. Roco's only new helicopter for 2004 is #4013, an HO scale (1:87) German ambulance variant of their Bo-105 kit. It is from 'Christoph 31' Berlin. This will be a limited edition, available in Q2-04.

9. The Twobobs Aviation Graphics 35-001 AH-1W 'Whiskey's in the Mix' decals are finally being re-printed, they should be available in about three or four weeks time.

Thanks to Martti Kuivalainen, Steve & Gill Evans, Stephane Herve, and Bob Sanchez.

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