Heli-Kit News #178, 12-Dec-03

1. Unicraft have released their McCulloch MC-4/YH-30 kit, which includes resin parts, clear parts, 1:72 scale drawings, a colour guide, photos, and decals for both prototypes and U.S. Army evaluation aircraft.

2. The four HR Model Cierva Autogiro kits announced in HKN #173 are now available from Luchtvaart.

3. The master for Czechmaster Resin's R-6 is finished and they are now working on the details with the help of a series of photos taken for them at Fort Rucker last week. These photos will be included with the kit as a walk-around supplement.

They aim to finish the detailing over the Christmas break, with a release target late in January 2004.

The layout of the decal sheet is finished, it will be printed this week by MPD. The choice of markings will include USAF and RAF options, including the 'Pink Elephant' airshow display scheme.

4. The 1:35 Mi-24V Hind-E from Trumpeter (05103) appears to be imminent. Both Great Models and Squadron are now taking pre-orders. The price reflects the size and complexity of the kit.

The description at Great Models says that the kit "features 468 parts on 12 sprues, plus transparent canopy, metal poles, photo-etched rain sweeper & antenna, film instrument panel, detailed double engine, clear cowling, detailed cockpit & cargo cabin. Markings for Czech & Russian Mi-24V."

This sounds like a quote from a Trumpeter press-release, you can make your own interpretation of the meaning of 'poles' and 'rain sweeper'.

5. Correction: The Trumpeter Ka-27 Helix set of 6 'mini-aircraft' (06213) will be in 1:350 scale, not 1:144 as stated in HKN #177. There will also be another set of four SH-3H Sea Kings (06220).

6. Zvezda are going to release a re-box (7246) of the 1:72 Dragon Mi-28 Havoc with new decals (it would be hard to beat the original decal set for quality and quantity, not areas in which Zvezda are known to excel). It is also said that an Mi-28N variant is likely to follow.

7. Siam Scale is a company from Thailand that make decals for various Far-Eastern and other air forces. Their range includes the following:

There's a review of the 1:72 Chinook sheet at the Aircraft Resource Center, and some built-up models are shown at the Siam Scale website.

At present I am unaware of any on-line source for these, the website appears to list a number of model shops in Thailand.

8. Some items in the FineLine range of 1:72 decals have been re-printed and are available from Hannants:

#2003, Sea King HAR.3, 78 Sqn. 75th Anniversary is not included in the list of re-printed decals.

9. Floyd Werner Jr. is progressing with his OH-58D Kiowa Warrior update set. This will include forward engine cowlings, updated ALQ-144 mount, armour side panels, GPS antenna, engine barrier filter and some other things to bring the 1:35th Academy/MRC 'Thugs' kit up to date for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Some photos of the masters are in the HKN Gallery.

I is likely it will be moulded by Meteor Productions, and there are plans to include decals which will include the aircraft that Floyd flew in Bosnia. Floyd would like to hear from you if you are interested in this set.

Floyd is also writing an article for the IPMS USA Journal on the other modifications to correct and update the Academy/MRC kit; which panel lines to leave and which to scribe/rescribe, etc. It will include a walk-around of photos from his collection.

It seems that Squadron/Signal are not very interested in publishing the book for their Walkaround series that Floyd offered to write for them, but they could change their minds if they were sent a sufficient number of emails from interested heli-modellers.

10. The Cobra Company 1:48 HH-60H (48032) and HH-60J (48033) Seahawk conversions will be ready before the end of this year.

Thanks to Chris Miller, Tony Morgan, Yevgeny Borissov, Tish Swiecicki, George Filyagin, Martin Elcox, and Petr Buchar.

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