Heli-Kit News #167, 27-May-03

1. Panda have released their 1:35 UH-1N in two versions. These appear to be scaled up copies of the 1:48 Italeri kit.

2. Here's an HKN reader's in-box review of the Alliance Models re-issue of the Czech Master Resin 1:72 Fa.269 'tilt rotor' project:

"The kit is made of VERY hard resin, and has extremely fine surface detailing. There are a few pin-holes in the resin, but nothing insurmountable. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the kit; as when I heard it was a re-release of the Czech Master kit, I feared that the moulds would be in deteriorated shape.

My copy has a pronounced mould-mating seam along the fuselage belly which looks like it will be a pain to clean up, but thankfully the 'spine' seam is much smaller. The surface detailing is very fine, so fine in fact that I fear much of it will disappear under a coat or two of paint; I will have to experiment with scribing on a discrete surface, as I suspect that the hardness of the resin may lead to chipping. The cockpit looks well appointed, and the vac-formed canopy looks very good too.

The decals look good, although the markings are of course 100% fiction. All in all, I recommend this one."

3. There is a rumour that Miku have (or are about to) re-issued their resin 1:72 AH-56A Cheyenne (HKN #92) with unspecified 'modifications'.

4. The Model Alliance / Aviation Workshop 'Premier Range' Sea King decal sheets MA-48103 and MA-72103 are now available, (see HKN #158 for details).

Note that the revised Model Alliance website is now up and running.

5. Cobra Company #35010 will be an M-230 Chain Gun for the Academy MH-60L DAP, this is a test-shot:

6. Eduard's May releases are: 7. The latest publication from Wings and Wheels covers the Bo-105 in military service with the German, Netherlands & Swedish Armies.

8. Squadron/Signal have re-printed 'AH-64 Apache in Action' #1095, first published in 1989.

Thanks to Tony Morgan (Fa.269 review), Gary Madgwick (Aviation Workshop), Chris Miller (Cobra Company), Jaroslav Spacek (Wings & Wheels), and Roger Marriott (Miku rumour from Luchtvaart).

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