Heli-Kit News #157, 06-Dec-02

Stop Press! Italeri's 1:72 CH-149 Cormorant is released. No more details at the moment.

1. Another 1:48 Mi-8 has appeared on the Russian market and is being advertised by several online suppliers. This is a truly multimedia Mi-8MT, apparently the first kit to appear under the Russian Project brand, #RP8001, and includes injection moulded, vac-formed (cabin interior, glazing), white metal (undercarriage legs, stabilisers), photo-etched, and resin (including a nice looking winch) parts. The white metal parts look as if they are nicely detailed but need quite a bit of cleaning up. The production run is very limited at present. Known suppliers are HobbyTerra and Army Book.

Decals are supplied for a grey and olive camouflaged Soviet aircraft (the instructions show 'black 56') and include a selection of stencils and other markings as well as the usual serials and red stars.

2. Next from Russia comes a 1:48 Mi-2, this time the brand is Modelist, #204828, and the supplier Rus-Sell. It's a fairly simple injection moulded kit with a basic selection of decals.

3. Last in this trio of Russian subjects, Amodel have released their Kamov / Skrshinsky KaSkr-1 'Red Engineer' autogiro, kit #7265. This aircraft was based on the Russian U-1 biplane, just as some of Cierva's early designs used the Avro 504K, of which the U1 was a copy. Therefore this kit will almost certainly include major components from the Amodel 504K (HKN #124).

4. Fujimi continue to expand their series of KV-107's with Japanese special markings. All are offered by Hobbylink Japan

5. Sanger Engineering is now sending out the Mi-10 kits that have been ordered, and is currently working on the 1:72 Mil-26 Halo which should be available in January. Anyone who bought the Mi-6 kit before it had decals in it, can contact Sanger for a free set.

6. Minicraft have released their 1:48 UH-60 US Customs #11629. This is a re-worked version of their previous Blackhawk kits, with the black and gold paint scheme and 'Coke Buster' decals. They have added a 'NiteSun' searchlight without the proper mounting brackets (which the boxart shows in the wrong location). I understand that the FLIR turret and panel will need to be scratchbuilt.

7. The following is an unverified list of releases expected during 2003 from manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

8. Also expected from the Czech Republic is a re-issue of the popular 1:72 Cierva C.30 from Azur, which has been virtually unobtainable for some time. It is not clear if this will be exactly the same as the previous issue, or whether it will use the parts supplied to make a LeO C.30.

9. Roll Models are offering a rotor correction set for the 1:48 Trumpeter Dauphin/Dolphin kits. It's from Loon Models, in their 'No-Cut Conversion' series, #48205.

10. Extratech have issued two new sets of etched brass details:
11. Eduard's December list includes the following: 12. FCM Decals sheet 72-15 includes decals for a Brazilian Army UH-1H from Esq. 'Pelicano', 2/10 GAV, and for a Chilean Blackhawk with a blue tail from Esq. 'Panteras Negras', Grupo de Av. 9. You also get markings for a very colourful Mirage IIIE. Sheet 48-15 is 'similar'.

13. Some news on the book scene: Wayne Mutza is finishing an in-depth history of the Hughes (MD) H-6 series, covering all variants. This will be in Schiffer's hands by late spring, for publication probably late summer 2003.

Len Lundh got the first proofs from Schiffer for his S-62/HH-52A book last week. It's due for release "sometime in the Spring", after having been on their desks for over a year. The manuscript had 141 single-spaced pages along with over 400 illustrations and captions.

Thanks to Mike Degtyarenko (for the Mi-8 pics), George Filyagin, Tony Morgan, Petr Zaoral, Gerald Elliott (Sanger), Kevin Orton, Wayne Mutza, Len Lundt, and Drew Graham.

If you buy something direct from the maker as a result of reading about it in Heli-Kit News, please remember to tell them that you saw it here. This will encourage the flow of more news in the future, and maybe we'll even get the occasional review sample!