Heli-Kit News #150, 14-Aug-02

1. The Planet Models 1:72 Fw-186 autogiro #092 comprises 27 cleanly moulded resin parts and a piece of clear acetate for the windshields. The fuselage halves include detailing on the inside of the cockpit and very fine engraved panel lines on the outside. You need to make 13 pieces out of 0.5mm wire, some of them bent to shape. The instructions (in English & Czech) look clear enough, and include templates for all the wire parts. Propagteam decals are provided for the single prototype D-ISTQ. Colours are simple, silver and black, with the red fin flash coming as a decal. The swastika decal has to be constructed from two separate parts, making it politically correct but overly complicated. This looks like a high quality kit, and well worth the price.

2. The 1:72 Legato W-3A Sokol looks like a great improvement over the old Broplan vacform. You get about 40 good looking resin mouldings, a vacform canopy, and a sheet of etched brass. The instructions are in English.

There also seem to be decals for a Polish Navy aircraft, black 0209, and a civilian ambulance, SP-SXU, but the instruction sheet I have seen does not include these (my information may be incomplete). The box promises an Anaconda in the future as well.

3. Revell's re-issued Super Jolly, 'CH-53GS/G Camouflage' #4446 includes extra parts for the GS version, such as new rotor blades (also suitable for Pave Lows) , protective covers for the seats, sensor and camera parts for the fuselage, pylons and new auxiliary tanks, antennae under the fuselage, optional sand filters, etc.

The kit comes with a huge decal sheet with many stencils, insignia, and other markings for 85+03, 84+57 and, 84+67 from HFR 32 and HFR 35. Lettering for IFOR, KFOR, and ISAF assignments is included. The colour schemes include 3-colour camouflage are , as well as the standard Nato olive .

4. Italeri's re-issues of the Esci 1:48 UH-1D and OH-58A kits are both now available. The UH-1D #2621 comes with Carabinieri (AB205) and US Army markings, while the Kiowa #2624 has US (Phu Cat '71, with 6-barrel minigun) and Spanish Army (Colmenar Training Unit) decals.

5. Spanish company Andrea Miniatures, famous for their figures, have released a 1:48 resin and white metal kit of the Cierva C.19 Mk.IV autogiro in their 'Sky Warriors' series, with two figures included. The box-art shows a silver Spanish machine EC-AIM (formerly G-ABXH). The same aircraft also seems to be available as a kit of 30 metal parts, without the figures, in the 'Limited Productions' series, #LP-01. Both kits can also be bought assembled and painted.

6. At least one shop in Paris (France, not Texas), has one of the Trumpeter Dauphin kit with IDF/AF decals, though it is not known whether this is a Trumpeter limited release or a local initiative. I presume this must be the Israeli Navy machines.

7. It is confirmed that the 1:72 Maquette Ka-60 'Kasatka' #7254 is the same as the Amodel version #72-18. The decal sheet from Prodecal is new, but has essentially the same markings on it. Prodecal were formerly Anna & Co, and still also offer a nice sheet of markings for the Ka-50 'Black Shark'.

8. At the IPMS USA Nationals, the importers Marco Polo were showing the new Panda 1:35 UH-1D. This appears to be a scaled-up rendition of the Italeri kit, the impression being that it will leave a lot of scope for conversion, correction, and update sets. Also confirmed was Panda's intention to produce the Chinook in this scale.

9. Another announcement was that Academy / MRC will be releasing a DAP MH-60L version of their 1:35 Blackhawk kit at the end of this year.

10. Cobra Company launched two new products: 11. The Czech Master's Kits AH-64A engine set #7058 for the 1:72 Academy kit is a beautiful looking product. You get extremely finely detailed resin parts, including two engines and their open covers, an open tail rotor transmission and covers, and replacement exhaust filter/suppressors. A small sheet of etched steel (by Eduard), gives you replacement wing endplates, grilles, turbo blades and other minor details.

12. A Duarte website has re-appeared, but it shows only their Super Lynx and Dauphin conversions.

13. Ciro are working on update sets for the 1:72 Italeri Mi-24 Hinds. These sets will include new stub wings, weapon pylons, all weapons options, infrared jammer, the chaff/flare dispensers, anti-dust filters, PZU and flattened tyres (Mi-24 tyres are very low pressure). The Mi-24V Hind-E set will contain all the necessary changes from the Hind-D.

Also from Ciro, there will be two more Mi-8/17 Hip conversions: 14. Aires' 1:48 AH-64A Apache cockpit for the Hasegawa kit is now available

15. The next issue from Leading Edge will be their first sheet of 1:72 helicopter decals, covering the H-21 and H-34 in Royal Canadian Air Force service, #72072. Markings will be included for five complete helicopters, including several options.

16. Coming soon from TwoBobs Aviation Graphics will be #48-036 - AH-1W Whiskey Cobras. Lots of cool shark mouth and snake artwork on these helos. Included will be some Operation Enduring Freedom birds with mission markings, etc... This will be a pretty inclusive sheet and will more than likely be two decal sheets in one package.

These decals will also be available in 1:35 scale - #35-001.

It seems that TwoBobs have been listening to requests for their decals to be issued in 1:72 scale as well, and have just decided that they will be going through their existing 1:48 sheets and selecting some for re-print in 1:72. Their initial selections are all jets, but sufficient clamour should ensure that their Colorful Cobras sheet re-appears in 1:72, and that the AH-1W sheet follows. If you are interested, please email TwoBobs yourself to add weight to the demand.

17. Moses Ng has posted some pictures in the Heli-Kit News Gallery of 1:48 models for which he has made his own decals. The decal sheet artwork is available for free download . 18. Aztec have released a double sheet of decals described as 'Mexican Navy and Airforce', 48017. It actually contains the major markings (titling, serials and national insignia) for 20 types of aircraft, the Blackhawk, Mi-2, Mi-8/17 (AF and Navy), MD-500 (AF), MD-530 (Navy), and a Bo-105 (Navy).

It appears that the sheets cover a selection of scales, depending on the particular aircraft and the availability of suitable kits. All the helicopters are given in both 1:48 and 1:72, while the MD-500 & 530 come in 1:32 as well.

19. Aerocalcas have released sheets that include the Argentine Navy Alouette III's 3-H-102 and 109 in two scales (#48012 & 72012). Also on these sheets are the Airmacchi MB.326, T-34 Beech Turbomentor, and A4B Skyhawk. You can see pictures at Flightdecs.

20. The new Wings and Wheels 'OH-6 Cayuse In Detail' book is a good history of the type, both in US and export service; but the history is well known to us, the photos are what's important....

There are 4 pages of photos of US Army National Guard OH-6A's, one page each of a civil H-500 (V-tail) and an Italian Guardia di Finanza NH-500 on floats. The main walk-around (24 pages) features good photos of a Danish H-500M (V-tail). This is followed by two pages of photos of a Finnish H-500D (T-tail/high skids) and two pages of an Israeli MD-500D (T-tail/low skids). All the Israeli photos have already been published in the WWP Red line #17 "IAF Museum at Hatzerim part2", this is a bit of an annoyance if you already have that book. Following that, there are six pages of photos of NH-500E's (pointy nose/high skids) from the Italian and Finnish armies, and the book finishes up with five pages of photos of civil MD-520N (NOTAR) birds.

All in all it's good value, but there are no photos of the MH-6 family in the book, nor any Vietnam vintage shots, and those could be considered as rather glaring omissions. It's an invaluable reference though, especially the engine-bay and cockpit photos.

21. Anders Nowotny (excellent decals of Swedish subjects) is now trading as 'Red Bolt'.

Thanks to George Filyagin, Moses Ng, Tony Morgan, Jaroslav Spacek, Drew Graham, Chris Miller (Cobra Company), and Drew Graham (and apologies if I've missed someone - I suspect I have).