Heli-Kit News #146, 10-Jun-02

1. The Daco Decals / Revell A109 #4456 kit combination is now available in a few Belgian model shops. The Daco sheet theoretically gives you the decals to model any Belgian Army A109BA, and looks well detailed and well printed. The metallic leading edges for the main rotor blades are a nice touch. Unfortunately the substantial differences between the A109K2 kit and the various configurations which come under the umbrella designation A109BA are ignored; it will take a fair amount of conversion work to model one of these accurately.

2. Belcher's 1:48 resin Army Lynx #BK6 has been released. The decal sheet has markings for UK Army AH.1, Marines AH.7 and ETPS AH.5 machines, as well as the Silver Eagles demonstration team. The kit includes full TOW missile mountings.

3. As predicted, Amodel have released another version of their 1:72 Ka-26 'Hoodlum'. This one is labelled "Ka-26 Cargo Carrying Version", #7281. The only difference between this and the earlier Ka-26 is that instead of the rear cabin module you now get a cargo pallet. You have to improvise a load yourself. The decal sheet is the same as in the previous release #7240 (HKN #140).

4. Hasegawa's latest incarnation of their 1:48 Apache, #09431 - listed as a WAH-64, will contain decals for both UK Army and KLu. Release is still expected in July.

5. Dutch Decals have issued decals for all KLu AH-64A and AH-64D Apaches, in three scales - #72053, 48034, and 32007. There's a full illustrated review of these at Hyperscale.

Markings are supplied for 31 machines - one AH-64A leased from the US Army prior to the introduction of the Longbow to Dutch service, and 30 serials to depict any of the KLu AH-64Ds. With a bit of creativity it should be possible to get two Dutch machines from one sheet.

6. Publisher RossaGraph have a new line of "Model Detail Photo Monographs", the first of which covers the AH-64 Apache. This has 48 pages with over 180 colour photos and drawings. The text is in Polish, it is printed on glossy paper with a soft cover in horizontal A5 format. You might be inclined to dismiss this as yet another Apache reference that you could manage without, but at only US$3.70 it's got to be worth a look. Available from Jadar.

7. More 1:48 Apache masks from Cutting Edge / Black Magic, (those for the Hasegawa kit were reported in the last HKN). 8. Cobra Company's 1:48 resin S-58T conversion is now available. This comprises nose, exhausts & engine support, #48029.

Coming soon from Cobra Company will be an HH-60G update set #35006, and a UH-1B/C weapons set #72013.

9. Zvezda's 1:72 Mi-8 remains on course to appear in the shops this month.

10. Gran's 1:72 Mi-1 Hare has both raised and engraved panel lines, excellent fit, and particularly nice moulded upper swashplate and tail rotor hub, among other things. You can build either GM-1, Mi-1A, or Mi-1T versions (turned-up nose and small bulged rear windows). Decal options are for Egypt, Finland, and USSR (x2). The Polish decals on the sheet are thought to be for a future Mi-1M (lower nose profile as in the Amodel kits).

11. In July, Verlinden will issue an AH-1W Cobra Detail Set #1795. This will be a resin and photo-etch cockpit detail set with exterior components and ammo bay, for the 1:35 MRC/Academy kit.

12. Italeri's 1:72 USAF UH-1F Huey #1229 is just out. The parts appear to be the same as in the earlier AB204 kit but with the revised engine housing and no winch. Unsuprisingly the main rotor diameter is just as deficient as with previous Italeri UH-1 kits.

The decals are for three versions: 13. Airwaves have finally released the following delayed items: 14. Academy continue their re-issues of 1:35 MRC helicopters, the latest being #2199, the UH-1C "Heavy Hog".

15. Santa Cruz have printed some more decals for Portuguese military subjects: 16. Also from Santa Cruz comes a Walkaround book featuring the Portuguese Alouette III in UN service in East Timor. This limited edition of 500 has 30 pages with 65 detailed photos, "all of them printed in digital system of the latest generation", we are told.

17. The 1:72 Planet Models Fw.186 giro looks like a nicely detailed kit of 28 resin parts plus an acetate sheet for the windscreens. Cockpit detail is good and you get a couple of exposed engine cylinders. A number of small parts have to be made from wire (not supplied). The small decal sheet has markings for the only machine that was built - the Fw.186V1 D-ISTQ.

Thanks to Tim Vereecke, David Nilson, George Filyagin, Jimmy Harris, Marcel Posthouwer, Roger Marriott, Earle Martell (NKR), and Yevgeny Borissov.