Heli-Kit News #133, 24-Nov-01

A substantial collection of helicopter books, both reference and 'reading' books, is being offered for sale as individual items. If you would like to receive a copy of the list, send an email to Pete Tasker

1. An illustrated quick-look review of the new Hasegawa 1:48 Apache Longbow #PT23 by Dave Williams was posted on Hyperscale on Nov 18th. He likes it.

2. The two 1:35 Kangnam Apache kits are now also appearing at Hobbylink Japan in boxes bearing the Arii label, the AH-64A as #12581, the Longbow as #12582. The boxart is unchanged. Great Models say that they will be appearing in the USA next year in Imex boxes.

3. Hasegawa's limited issue 1:72 IDF/AF AH-64A #00264, now available in Japan, comes with markings for a machine from the 113th Squadron of the Israeli Defense Forces.

4. The photo at Scheuer & Struever illustrating Revell's forthcoming re-issue #4467 of the 1:72 Matchbox Dauphin shows a USCG H-65 Dolphin. Is this a clue?

5. The Belcher Bits 1:48 Army Lynx #BK6 is very close, it should now be available at the start of December, just timed nicely for Christmas.

6. The Fonderie Miniature Sikorsky R5/HO3S-1 #6012 should be available at the beginning of December as well.

7. Contrary to the rumour in HKN #125, the Italeri and Revell EH.101 Merlins will be a mould-sharing affair after all. The Italeri kit is due in the shops any day now - the 'photo' is a bit of propaganda from AgustaWestland!

8. Further evidence for the forthcoming Trumpeter Dauphin / Harbin Z-9 and Mi-24D can be found in the listing given by JB Wholesalers (Australia).

9. Eduard have released the following sets of wheel and canopy paint masks: 10. Cobra Company are working on a set to convert the 1:35 DML/Dragon AH-6 #3527 and MD500 Defender #3525 kits into an MH-6J. If you want it armed with guns & rockets you'll need to start off with the AH-6J kit.

11. Part detail set #72166, intended for the Amodel Avro 504K, looks like just the job for livening up all those Cierva 504 conversions that you've been planning to build for so long. Plus you'll get a nice selection of bits left over for incorporation into other projects.

12. Pete's Hangar (Aussie Decals) have released a 1:35 resin S-70A-9 Blackhawk Stabilizer #PHR35002, for use with the Academy kits. This is basically a Seahawk-style stabiliser as used on the Australian S-70A-9 Blackhawks, as well as on an increasing number of other Blackhawk variants.

Also from Aussie Decals comes a sheet of S-70A-9 Blackhawk and Bell 206B Kiowa decals in three different scales, #A72034, A48025 & A35002. Four specific subjects are covered - two Blackhawks and two Kiowas. All aircraft are finished in the standard Australian Army colours of tan, dark green and black. The most interesting is the Blackhawk based in East Timor wearing a small blue swordfish (or is it a marlin?) on the tail and a "UN" panel on each side of the fuselage. Enough decals are supplied to build one Kiowa and one Blackhawk.

Both the decals and the stabiliser have recently been reviewed in detail at Hyperscale and at PMMS, where you will also find photo galleries of both aircraft.

13. Gary Dobias has been producing decal sheets for his local club members. Fortunately for us, these are now being made more generally available as Marine Air Graphics. The first of these is for the 1:72 USMC UH-34D #145759.

Coming soon are a USCG H04S-2 and HUS-1, and a USMC H-19.

Also in various stages of readiness are sets that will make: Gary also takes special requests, for example he can provide his decals in any sensible scale you like.

14. The JBOT Bell 47G decals previewed in HKN #128 are now available on separate sheets in both 1:72 and 1:48, as follows: There is also a set of Canadian Coastguard 47G markings, and another for the CCG Alouette III, again in both scales.

15. Afterburner Decals have issue a sheet of 1:48 Hellenic (Greek) AF markings #4801 that includes amongst many fixed-wing items (Mirage 2K, Mirage F-1, F-4, F-5, F-16, A-7) the roundels, fin flashes and serials for the Greek Apaches.

16. Dutch Decal #72050, for the KLu CH-47D Chinook, has markings for any aircraft from 298 Sqn., and includes names, UN and KFOR markings, walkways, steps etc. The coloured instruction sheet includes photographs.

Also from Dutch Decal is #48030 which includes among schemes for Beaver; Piper Super Cub and Grasshopper; the same markings for the Sikorsky S-55 / HO4S-3 "Cleopatra" that are on the existing 1:72 sheet #72034.

17. Back to the subject of the lumps and bumps on the Italeri H-19. Fabio Beato has responded to my appeal for more information (HKN #132) by sending a picture from an Osprey book titled "High Viz U.S. Cold War Military Aircraft". This is a nice profile shot of the other subject of the original Italeri kit, serialed 0-34456, complete with the dorsal lumps and the bulge underneath (behind the rear wheel). Now that we know where Italeri got it from, we need to know what that very non-standard bulge was for. Anyone?

18. For anyone contemplating building the new vacform Mi-6 kit from Sanger, or anyone just interested in Russian helicopters, Ken Duffey has added a page of photos to his Flankerman website. This includes detail and cockpit interior views:

19. Gary Madgwick (Aviation Workshop / Model Alliance) has finally succumbed to intense and prolonged pressure (he says) and has agreed to start a new IPMS Special Interest Group. The ANZAC SIG will cover post-1960 military subjects from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and some other members of the so-called 'British Commonwealth.' Contact Gary for more details.

Thanks to Gary Dobias (MAG), Drewe Manton, Chris Miller (Cobra Co), James Botaitis (JBOT), Fabrice Fanton, Tony Morgan, Gary Madgwick, and Fabio Beato.