Heli-Kit News #127, 05-Aug-01

Some artwork on display at the Royal International Air Tattoo last weekend.....
RN Sea King AEW USAF MH-53M Irish Air Corps Alouette III

1. Roberts Models, who have previously issued detail sets for Combat vacform kits, have released a 1:48 Chinook CH-47A/B (or 'Chanook' as they prefer to call it !). I would guess from the picture that the vacform fuselage is based on the Aurora mould, which I beleive scales at around 1:50. As well as the fuselage you get a vacform cockpit, 35 resin parts, including rotors, engines, bulkheads, etc, and 27 white metal castings which will include the undercarriage, wheels, etc. Decals are included.

2. At Aviation Usk we find the following rather depressing statement regarding Sanger Engineering, whose forthcoming 1:72 Mi-6, Mi-10 & Mi-26 kits were advertised in Fine Scale Modeller - April 2001:

All Sanger Engineering products ... may be goners as 'Mr. Sanger' had a fire in his shop.

I was about to write these kits off as wishful thinking, but just before going to press I received a letter from Sanger Engineering which says that the Mi-6 Hook is completed, ready for production, and will be available at the end of July. It goes on to say that the masters for both versions of the Mi-10 Harke are finished, and the Mi-26 Halo is being completed 'so it will not be long before release'.

These vacform kits are being produced in 1.5mm white plastic sheet with white metal rotor hubs, wheels, seats, undercarriage legs, aerials, etc, plus waterslide decals, scale drawings and instructions. I received pre-production copies of some of the drawings for the Mi-6 which show a Soviet aircraft with the number 56.

Finally, I am told that a new website and e-mail address for Sanger are imminent, though the details are not given.

3. The markings in the new Fujimi 1:72 JASDF KV-107II-5 #72111 commemorate 30 years of the Hamamatsu Rescue Squadron. The parts are the same as those in the original KV-107II-5 kit #H-3, though for some unaccountable reason they also give you the mine-sled winch from the JMSDF version and then tell you it isn't to be used. As far as I know this issue is only available in Japan.

4. The Cobra Company 1:48 Seahawks now shipping. Order NOW to avoid disappointment.

5. Hasegawa have announced the following releases for the second half of 2001:

6. Airfix's new 1:72 Lynx Mk.8 kit has been so successful that the first production run has sold out, having paid for itself in less than a month. Another production run should see the kit available again in no more than a few weeks.

Incidentally, I'm told that 815 NAS have recently removed the Guiness Harp from the tail of the HMS Endurance HAS.3 whose markings are given in the kit, which means that the Airfix decals are now correct !

7. The Italeri 1:72 'UH-19A Rescue Chickasaw' #1215 has been released.

8. A re-issued 1:72 KP / Mastercraft Mi-4 Hound #K84 is now available in addition to the Mi-8/17 Hip kits reported in HKN #126 (the Hip boxes are #K-71 & #K-74). Like the Hips, the Hound has a new decal sheet from Masterprint, but the contents of this sheet are not known at present.

9. The re-issued Revell-Monogram 1:48 UH-1C Huey Hog #5201 is now available. I have some notes which suggest this old kit has a C-model rotor and a B-model tail-boom.

10. Leonid Mischenkov has produced a selection of 200dpi 'photocopied control panels' which you can download from Heliborne and print on whatever medium you choose.

11. Squadron / Signal have re-printed Lou Drendel's book #1014, 'Gunslingers in Action'.

12. This review by Andreas Brachtel is taken from the Swiss helicopter magazine Helico Revue (Jun-Aug 01) and translated from the German into English for HKN by Pieter Marijnus. The picture illustrating the article shows a diorama built with the 1:35 Italeri Bell UH-1C #382 and a Ford M151 from Tamiya.

The new kit from Italeri is in fact the old Heavy Hog from MRC. The kit made in light grey plastic and is dated 1994. It has seven frames, including one in rubber for the ammunition belt and one for the 4 crewmembers, M60's, fire extinguisher and ammunition boxes. The kit has fine details and has two weapon systems to choose from. The builder's choice was the M-159C launcher for 69mm rockets. There where no major problems to build the kit but there where two little mistakes in the building instructions. The step for the rotor stabilisator (B44) was forgotten and the armoured plates for the pilot seats are drawn inside out. The equipment as shown on the pilots was isued in 1969. The helmet they used in 1967 was the APH.5. But still it is a very nice model fitting in everbody's heli collection.

13. Internet Modeler have published a nicely illustrated review of the 1:48 Belcher Bits Navy Lynx which was originally released in October last year:

14. A set of MH-53J Pave Low III photos has been added to the 'Doc Photos' section of Fanakit.

15. And here are some walkarounds of three helicopters from the 2001 Paris Airshow (EC-120, Dauphin, Tiger).

Thanks to Ivan Brocot, Pieter Marijnus, Yevgeny Borissov, Jonathan Mock, Gerald Elliott (Sanger) & Tony Morgan.