Heli-Kit News #124, 03-Jun-01

1. 1. The Airfix 1:72 Chinook #5030 has been released. It's a relief to be able to confirm that this is a rebox of the Italeri plastic rather than the old Matchbox kit. The parts in the box are identical to those in the Italeri kit #064, though at a greater cost. Markings (of somewhat doubtful sharpness) are included for:

2. The forthcoming 1:72 Airfix Lynx Mk.8 / Super Lynx #3063 is likely to contain parts and decals for the following options: If true, and if Airfix have done their homework properly, we should be getting three different nose sections, two different tail rotors, two tail rotor pylons (folding & non-folding), and a host of smaller options.

3. Aerocalcas Argentina have issued decal sheet #72010 for the Sea King. Presumably this covers Argentine Navy examples, which include both Sikorsky and Agusta built models in a variety of configurations.

4. Anyone hoping that Amodel would produce a more accurate Avro 504K on which to base their Cierva C6 and C8 conversions will be sadly disappointed. The 'new' Amodel kit #7259 is in almost every regard an exact copy of the old Airfix kit, though the moulding is of lesser quality. There can now be no doubt that the forthcoming KaSkr-1 Red Engineer autogiro will suffer from the same shortcomings.

5. There are some new Australian Blackhawk images at Perth Military Modelling Society.

6. Cobra Company have posted the boxart for their forthcoming 1:48 Sea Hawks. These will be issued in very limited numbers, about 65 of each of the two types, SH-60B Sea Hawk and SH-60F Ocean Hawk.

7. The new (#30) issue of the Russian magazine M-Hobby has a six-page article about Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters in Chechnya. This looks like another chapter of the book "Hot Skies over Afghanistan". The article contains 13 high quality colour photos and 4 colour paint schemes. More details at Heliborne.

8. Fujimi have released a new version of their 1:72 KV-107. This is a JASDF KV-107II-5 Shirasagi in 30th Anniversary markings worn by an aircraft at Hamamatsu AB, kit #72111.

9. On the subject of KV-107 kits, I now have more details of the Modellbaustudio Classic Plane KV-107 kit #CPM020, first described in HKN #112. You get the Airfix kit #3051, including its own Swedish and USN decals, plus a new decal sheet with markings for:

The box illustration is a copy of the old Tamiya 1:100 boxart. Also included are two sets of vacform square windows, and a resin part to replace the APU housing at the base of the rear rotor pylon. The vacform sections are accomodated by cutting a strip out of each side of the fuselage, or you can just fill in the round windows and use the decal windows which are supplied as an alternative.

Thanks to Drew Graham, David Fleming, Petr Zaoral, John Cameron, and Yevgeny Borissov.