Heli-Kit News #123, 20-May-01

1. For the benefit of Russian speakers, Heli-Kit News is now available in Cyrillic text at Yevgeny Borissov's Heliborne.

Yevgeny has also started a helicopter modelling chat-room/forum called Heliborne Dialogue.

2. HKN has had a look at some of the recent releases from Model Alliance (formerly Aviation Workshop and Hawkeye Models Australia):

3. Equipage have added to their range of replacement resin wheels with rubber tyres, these sets are both 1:72, and are available from Aviapress. 4. Amodel have released their 1:72 Kamov Ka-18 'Hog' #7252. The sprue carrying all the rotor parts, wheels, etc. is the same as that in the recent Ka-15 kit (HKN #122). A new sprue carries the somewhat longer fuselage, the cockpit, and the tail empennage. The markings are for one of the red, white and grey Aeroflot examples similar to that shown in HKN #116, except that the serial (CCCP-L0005) is carried on the vertical tail-fins.

Note that the instructions in both the Ka-15 and Ka-18 kits rather confusingly show a rotor assembly with damper rods connecting the blade roots of each of the lower rotor blades. The kits do not contain these parts, and the real thing didn't have them either. The assembly diagram also shows both sets of blades rotating in the same direction. In fact the upper set rotates anti-clockwise when viewed from above, while the lower set goes the other way.

5. The imminent 1:48 Colorful Cobras decals are now illustrated at TwoBobs, where you will find scans of both the instruction sheets and the decals themselves:

6. Here's an update on the new 1:72 Hasegawa 'VIP Hawk' #00175:

The aircraft represented is 85-24450 from the US Army, 78th Aviation Battalion, Camp Zama, Japan. The plastic parts provided are the same as in earlier releases of the Hasegawa UH-60A, though many of them are not used, notably the external stores support system (ESSS) and all the associated tanks and weaponry.

The colouring is not pure black & white, the dark colour is actually a very dark drab (paint mix 60% Mr.Color #12 olive drab, 40% black), possibly equivalent to the Mil-C-46168 'Aircraft Green' used on US Army Cobras. The decals give two alternative ways to achieve the colouring, you can either apply the large white decals with black lines, or you can paint the white areas and apply just the black cheat-lines, roundels, titles, etc. which are supplied separately. The decal instruction sheet doesn't explain any of this.

Thanks to Colin Ritchie, Bob Sanchez (TwoBobs), Gary Madgwick (Model Alliance), Earl Martell (NKR), and especially to Yevgeny Borissov.