Heli-Kit News #122, 07-May-01

1. The Amodel Ka-15 'Hen' #7242 is now available. This is typical of recent Amodel products; nicely moulded and true to scale, with engraved panel lines and clear parts that aren't too bad, though they will need some polishing. It comes with markings for three Soviet machines, a slate-grey pre-production example marked only with red stars, and two production models, '15 yellow' which is slate grey, and '02 white' which is marine green. The parts for the forthcoming Ka-15M are present on the sprue but marked in the single-page instructions as 'not to be used'. I notice that there is no sign of the large mesh-covered crescent-shaped opening which ought to be in the roof in front of the rotor pylon, but this omission can be easily rectified.

2. The balance of opinion is now that Hasegawa's new 1:48 Apache, due for release in about a month, will be an all-new tooling, rather a re-box of someone else's.

3. The long-awaited MRC / Academy 1:35 UH-60L Blackhawk #2192 has been available in the US for several weeks now.

4. Revell have released their 1:48 rebox of the Italeri RAH-66 Comanche, #4470.

5. KP have re-issued their 1:72 Mi-4 and Mi-8/17 kits with new numbers: 6. Sharkit are planning to release a 1:72 resin kit of the VZ-9 Avrocar 'flying saucer', which is hardly acceptable as a rotorcraft, but might be of interest, #7216.

The Doak VZ-4, Sharkit #7219 (HKN #30) doesn't ever seem to have materialised.

7. Airwaves are in the process of releasing a series of Sea King detail sets and conversions in both 1:48 and 1:72.

First are a pair of general etched brass detail sets for the 1:48 Hasegawa and 1:72 Revell kits: Next will be Sea King HC.4 conversions in both 1:72 and 1:48, to go with the forthcoming 1:72 Revell HAS.6 and existing 1:48 Hasegawa kits. These conversion sets will be all-new toolings reflecting the 1990's HC.4, in resin and etched brass (they are not derived from the old white metal set SC72-001). A number of the component parts of these sets will also be available separately in both scales where appropriate (the sand filter box is already available in 1:72, SC72-124). Also, the update set for the Airfix / Heller Puma is still being worked on, and will be along sometime.

8. Model Art's latest decal sheet 72/038 is now available, this features French Army and Air Force S-55/H-19's and Royal Navy Westland Whirlwinds. Markings are provided for the following: Also provided are markings for three RAF Hunter F4's.

Next from Model Art, if things go according to plan, will be a sheet related to an imminent Airfix update, including a range of nose-art.

9. Interavia have released the following 1:72 etched brass detail sets: These are available from Aviapress.

10. Eduard have released SS-156, a set of etched brass parts in their Zoom series, for the 1:72 Academy AH-64 Apache.

11. Two new issues from E-Z Mask: Full listing of EZ Masks in the Great Models database.

12. May is a good month for UK Modelling magazines. Scale Aviation Modeller International features two articles from Poland on modelling the Mil (PZL) Mi-2, and Scale Aircraft Modelling takes an in-depth look at the Italeri AB 204. Both contain a wealth of useful advice and information, and both are very well illustrated.

13. Aviapress are advertising a two-volume set of books on the Mil Mi-24 Hind. However, our Moscow Correspondent tells us that these are best avoided.

14. Aviapress are also advertising as 'new' the first issue of the Russian magazine Vertolet (Helicopter) In fact this is the #1/2000 issue, there have been nine since then; it's reported to be of limited interest to modellers, more like a series of advertisements, but showing signs of improving.

15. The Fanakit website has been updated with some detail shots of an SH-60B Seahawk.

Thanks to Drewe Manton, Andrew Deely (Airwaves), Ivan Brocot, Jean-Pierre Desprez (Model Art), and Yevgeny Borissov.