Heli-Kit News #121, 17-Apr-01

1. You can read a pre-issue, illustrated review of the 1:35 MRC / Academy UH-60L Blackhawk at Internet Modeler.

2. Cobra Co. have released their detail set #35002 for the above kit.

3. Great Models are selling the following 1:100 Tamiya kits. I assume this means that they have been re-released, although I can't find any mention of them at the usual Japanese websites: 4. Ken Duffey has posted scans of Amodel's 2001 catalogue at Russian Aircraft References.

This confirms the forthcoming issues, as previously rumoured: The word 'ballonet' translates literally into 'balloon' amd in this context means 'floats', presumably referring to the Mi-1KF or Mi-1MG which were used for reconnaissance by the Soviet whaling and ice-breaker fleets.

The Avro 504 kits are of course mentioned here for the benefit of those wishing to convert them into any of a number of different Cierva Autogyro models. It will be interesting to see how they measure up against the long-extinct Airfix version.

5. Unicraft now have a picture of the parts in their recent 1:72 Tsagi 11-EA kit.

6. Hasegawa are believed to be planning to release a 1:48 Apache in July 2001, #PT23. I would guess that this will not be a new mould, it's more likely to be a re-box of an existing kit from another manufacturer, of which there are a number from which to choose. Time will tell.

7. There's a nice diorama by Pascal Cholin involving the 1:72 Airfix Ka-25 Hormone-A at the Aircraft Resource Centre.

8. The Airwaves Sea King Sand Filter is now available, #SC72124. This is made in resin with drop-in etched brass grilles. This new pattern filter is as fitted to many Sea Kings such as those in service with the British and Australian Navies.

9. Roden are planning to release a 1:72 kit of the 1918 Austro-Hungarian electric-powered and tethered (Petrosczy-Karman-Zurovec) PKZ-2 observation helicopter, as previously released in 1:48 by Eduard.

10. This book sounds interesting, it's being advertised by Midland Counties Publications:

'CESKOSLOVENSKE VRTULNIKY - Zname i Nezname' by Vladislav Benes. Czech-language history of rotary wing development in Czechoslovakia from the early 20th Century through to the indigenous HC-3 helicopter. Includes drawings, data and photos of many previously unknown projects and prototypes. 236pp. Softback.

11. Here's where to look for Erickson Skycrane detail pictures, to go with the re-issued Revell kit:

12. And now for something completely different... Games Workshop have added to their previous two Warhammer rotorcraft with a new Dwarf Gyrocopter. This is a beautiful white-metal kit; one wonders why the quality of casting in this genre of modelling is so often far superior to most of the products made for the 'real' aircraft modeller.

Thanks to Gordon Jones, Ken Duffey, Yevgeny Borissov, Colin Ritchie, & Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov.