Heli-Kit News #118, 12-Mar-01

1. Coming soon from Eduard is #XS-103, a set of canopy & wheel paint masks for the 1:72 Italeri / Revell H-19 Chickasaw.

2. The 1:72 VIP Hawk from Hasegawa, #00175, is scheduled for release in Japan on 13th March.

The boxart shows a black aircraft with a broad white stripe running the length of the fuselage, and what looks like "United States Army Japan".

The web-translator Babelfish now attempts Japanese into English, and comes up with the following revealing rendition of the Japanese at the Hasegawa website:

The fuselage of the unusual color ring appears from the American Army. It is used, as one for transport of the VIP we reproduce the " VIP machine ". The knitting machine is the fuselage which is disposed to camp Zama. The color ring has become the two ton color of black & white, the atmosphere which one wind changed, settles is finished in the fuselage of charm.

3. Completely un-announced (except that a rumoured Testors issue was previously reported), Italeri have added another model to their 1:35 range, this time an OH-6A Loach, #382. I'm assuming this must be a re-box of the Dragon plastic. It comes with "detailed cockpit, cabin & rotorhead, 2 figures with miniguns & door guns, markings for 2 US Army OH-6As in overall olive drab".

4. David Campbell has re-launched his Hover Lover's website.

5. Unicraft's forthcoming Tsagi 11-EA Soviet 1920's helicopter will be in 1:72 scale and is close to release. Note that new Unicraft kits now normally come with decals included, though I don't imagine the decals would be very comprehensive for this aircraft.

A number of Unicraft kits have been discontinued recently, but may be re-issued in the future in an improved form. The only true rotorcraft currently available are the Baumgartl "Heliofly III", German Backpack Helicopter available in both 1:72 and 1:35 scale, and the 1:144 Focke-Achgelis Fa.284 Flying Crane, though there are some other peculiar items listed under "helicopters" such as the Zeppelin V-7 Feuerball.

6. Squadron Mailorder are offering a free Squadron / Signal UH-60 Walkaround book with each Academy / MRC 1:35 UH-60L Blackhawk ordered. Their description says "fully detailed cockpit and cargo compartment, rotor head, engines & landing gear. External tanks, chaff/flare dispensers, IR jammer & 2 x M60 MGs; almost 2 feet long with over 270 parts."

The HH-60G Pave Hawk version is believed to be coming out soon after. According to FineScale Modeler, they are both due in March.

7. In addition to the Mi-8 PPA conversion set mentioned last week, Elefant also offer #C-002, which is the 1:72 Ciro conversion to make an Mi-17Z-2 AWACS, the one with a pair of kettle-drum antennae each side (illustrated in HKN #107). Same Elefant / Verlinden price warning applies.

8. An alternative source of kits, books, and magazines from Russia is Armybook:

Among their lists I see the following 1:72 Amodel kits, which tends to confirm their imminent release: Another source, NKR, shows these as well, all 1:72: 9. The seventh issue of the aviation magazine 'Aviatsiya' includes a very highly rated article on the Mi-2 'Hoplite' by the well-known authors Yefim Gordon and Dmitri Komissarov. It has 22 pages of text (in Russian), 7 colour and 78 monochrome photos (captioned in English), fifteen colour profile drawings: Estonian, Latvian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Soviet and Russian markings, and colour photos of hand-painted insignia on Latvian Hoplites.

I understand that there will also be a full set of plans / drawings on a separate sheet. More details at Heliborne.

10. Airwaves / ED Models have their own website (at last).

11. Scheduled for the third quarter of 2001 is a 1:24 Huey Gunship from Revell-Monogram. This is presumably the old Monogram UH-1B in new clothes.

12. RotorCraft from South Africa have the following proposed releases listed in the April edition of FineScale Modeler (which I believe also includes a feature on Nicolas Poncini's amazing Mojave): 13. Also in FineScale Modeler, Sanger Engineering of Bristol, England have announced the following 1:72 vac-form kits: I believe Sanger kits normally come with white metal parts and decals.

Which reminds me to ask, what is a 'Harke' anyway? or is it just a word which someone invented ?

14. Alternatively, if you fancy vacforming your own, you might be interested in the range of table-top vacuum forming machines for modellers and hobbyists from The Kingston Vacuum Works.

15. In addition to the proposed 1:48 Sikorsky R5 / HO3S-1 from Fonderie, it seems they are also planning to release a 1:48 Vertol H-21 'Banane Volante'. This is listed in the March issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling.

16. The latest Tamiya re-box of Italeri 1:72 kits, available only in Japan, is #60761, the Ka-52 Alligator.

Thanks to Yevgeny Borissov, Tony Morgan, and Igor Shestakov.