Heli-Kit News #117, 25-Feb-01

Following the Nuremberg trade show earlier this month and the appearance of most of the year's catalogues from the major manufacturers, we can list some more forthcoming releases and update some items revealed in previous editions of HKN:

1. Italeri The 1:72 Gazelle announced at the Chicago fair late last year (HKN #110) is now not listed.

2. Revell As listed in HKN #116, but....

3. Academy, all 1:35, this is clearly the current MRC range reboxed, with the addition of the yet-to-be-released Blackhawk: 4. Airfix 1:72 Airfix have deleted the Lynx HAS.2, the Seasprite, and the Belvedere, so get them while you can.

5. Fonderi 1:48, Sikorsky R5 / HO3S-1. Nothing more known about this at present, except that the maker is French.

6. Minicraft 1:48, #11629 UH-60 Blackhawk, U.S. Customs 'Cokebuster' / Pot Hawk'.

This could be a very plain black or olive drab scheme, or it could be one of the much more interesting gloss black and gold schemes with Marijuana & Coke leaf 'kill markings'. Decals for this scheme in both 1:48 and 1:72 were provided on a decal sheet issued by IPMS USA for their Silver Anniversary Nationals, accompanied by a write-up from Pete Harlem.

7. Czech Master 1:72 resin detail sets for the Academy Apache: 8. Hawkeye Models and The Aviation Workshop have formally joined and in future will be called Model Alliance. The numbering will be changed and a new catalogue is being prepared.

9. It was noted in HKN #115 that the recent Azur Cierva C.30 kit #015 contains decals and modified tail surfaces for a LeO C.30 operated by the French Navy. Some LeO-built C.30's also had modified undercarriage and other detailed differences as well as the conspicuously different Salmson engine. However, the decal option in the kit may apply to an Avro built C.30, originally G-ACWI, later F-AOIO, which had a Genet Major engine and was delivered to LeO in 1934 before they started their own construction programme (LeO themselves used the Genet Major engine as well as the Salmson in their C.30's).

So on the face of it you can safely build the kit with the French markings, however, note that the markings "352.1" may be incorrect in that the machine served with Flotille 3S-2 and thus I assume the markings should be 3S2.1.

Given that Azur have provided the modified tail surfaces for a Salmson-engined LeO C.30 but tell you not to use them, maybe we'll be seeing another variant of this kit with a Salmson engine sometime in the future ?

10. The recently released Eduard brass set for the Italeri AS.332 Super Puma contains more tiny parts than I have ever seen on any brass set for a helicopter before. It's debatable how many of them are actually useable !

11. Verlinden are distributing a resin and brass Mi-8/17 'Hip-J' conversion for the KP kit under the 'Elefant' label.

This turns out to be the Ciro conversion set #C-001, but with with the price DOUBLED. Too many middle-men getting a cut at the modeller's expense it seems. Seek out the Ciro original (HKN #107).

12. In Japan, Rainbow Ten are selling a Tamiya re-box of the Italeri A.129 Mangusta, #60758.

13. Have a look at Luca Beato's Gallery

14. Lastly, some new Cutting Edge / Black Magic canopy & wheel hub masks:
Thanks to Geoff Arnold, Tony Morgan, Gary Madgwick, & Gregorz Gembala.