Heli-Kit News #110, 29-Oct-00

1. Italeri announced their intentions for 2001 at the recent trade show in Chicago: I wonder whether the Merlin will be a re-box of a yet-to-be-revealed Revell version, or whether Italeri are going it alone on this one. Great news either way, but I'm losing hope of ever seeing that Mojave.

2. Testors will release an OH-6A "Loach" in January, scale and origin unknown.

3. Heller are expected to re-issue several of their 1:72 Alouette III kits soon, as well as their 1:50 AS.350 Ecureuil Water Bomber.

4. Amodel #72-50 will be an Army version of their Mil Mi-1M 'Hare' armed with Falanga anti-tank guided missiles.

5. Cobra Company have re-issued their MH-53J Pave Low III conversion #48024. This converts any Revell CH-53 kit to the latest Pave Low III configuration. First released by High Flight, this set hasn't been available for many years, but after Cobra Co. saw one going for $107 on the EBAY auction site, they knew it was time to bring it out again. Cobra Company is the copyright owner of this set and many other High Flight items. They've improved it a bit and added the latest sensor array. There are 39 resin parts including a new nose, fuel tanks, FLIR turret, sensors, IR jammers, ECM antennae, and the spotlight.

Meteor Productions still sell the Cutting Edge cockpit set #48032 and a weapons set #48001 that Cobra Co. mastered for them some time ago.

6. The Cobra Company website also has pictures of the components of the 1:48 Navigator Hip, showing the resin fuselage & tail boom, the small resin and white metal parts, and the vacform windows & cockpit glazing.

7. The 1:48 Belcher Bits resin Naval Lynx #BK5 is now available. It includes optional parts for the HAS Mk2, Mk3, HMA.8 and the Super Lynx. The decal sheet has markings for Royal Navy (HAS.2, HAS.3, HMA.8), Aeronavale (HAS.2, HAS.4), Denmark (Mk.80, Mk.90), Norwegian Coastguard (Mk.86), Netherlands (UH-14A, SH-14D), Germany (Mk.88, Mk.88A) and Portugal (Mk.95). Other parts include Sea Skua missiles, Sting Ray torpedoes, Mk 46 torpedoes and AS.12 missiles, interior options, and early and BERP blades.

Available soon from Belcher will be the Westland Lynx (Army version) resin kit #BK6. This can be built as an AH.1 or AH.7. The decal sheet has markings for the Army Air Corps, Royal Marines and ETPS machines. Comes with TOW missiles, and early and BERP blades.

8. Professional Model's 1:48 Cierva C-30 has just been released. This is resin and etched brass, with markings for German Air Force (D-EKOP), RAF, French Air Force, & Czech Air Force.

9. Revell have released the two late additions to their 2000 range: 10. The new Apaches from Mirage of Poland, available from Jadar, are as follows: 11. Model Art Decals sheet #72-037 includes a range of markings for the 705 NAS Royal Navy 'Sharks' Gazelle HT.2 display team; a choice of XW860/44/CU, XX448/57/CU, XW863/42/CU, and ZB647/40/CU, as well as Royal Navy Sea Venoms and some Vietnam-era French Spitfires.

12. Dutch Decals new sheet #72025 includes a Netherlands Navy S-51, serial No.8, from 1953.

13. The decal sheet issued by IPMS USA for this year's National Convention included a 1:48 AH-1W Super Cobra, printed by Aeromaster. There's a scan at the Aircraft Resource Center in their Industry News section.

14. Maxdecal intend to release the following during 2000 / 2001:

15. Eduard have issued a Canopy and Wheel masking set for the various 1:48 Italeri Apaches, #XF-080.

16. Pavla will issue a 1:72 Mil Mi-2 resin interior detail set for the Intech kits, #72-12.

17. The The Aviation Workshop plan to issue an internal detail set for the Matchbox Dauphin early in 2001.

18. Not new, but not mentioned in HKN before, is the range from Ron's Resins, based in Australia: Also available from the Aviation Workshop, I believe.

Thanks to David Edwards, Gary Madgwick, Joe Maxwell, Jay Carrell, and Roberto Rambelli.