Heli-Kit News #109, 16-Oct-00

1. As widely anticipated, Revell's 1:72 H-19A #4460 differs in one important respect from Italeri's H-19B #1206: it has the original straight tail boom with the narrow pylon and inverted 'vee' stabiliser; as opposed to Italeri's bent tail boom, with broad-chord pylon and small straight stabiliser.

2. Extratech have released their kit of the Sud Ouest SO-1221 Djinn in both 1:72 and 1:48 scales, EXA7203 and EXA4801. Cast resin with etchings and decals, vacuformed cockpit canopy, all doubtless of the highest quality that we have come to expect from Extratech. (Also see HKN #63).

3. Squadron / Signal's 'H-53 Sea Stallion in Action' is now available. Covering the development of the US heavy lift helicopter from its debut in the mid-1960s up to the present. As usual it is extensively illustrated with monochrome photos and drawings, plus 10 color profiles and three full color cover paintings, 50 pages in all.

4. HKN's mole, operating under deep cover in the heart Italeri's top secret complex, has this week seen work in progress for a new 1:72 Gazelle; drawings, decals, box cover, and instruction leaflet. At this stage both French and British versions are being considered.

5. Following last week's news of the new LF Kellett YO-60, I have learned that LF and Kora share a website, and that 'LF' is Ladislav Fojtl while 'Kora' is his partner Robert Koraba, so it's not suprising that their kits have been found under both labels in the past. You can buy direct from LF / Kora if you wish.

6. Hasegawa have re-released the following 'Egg-Planes'; #013 - Hughes 500, and #014 - Hughes 300. Available from Rainbow Ten and Hobbylink Japan

Thanks to Maarten Schönfeld, Petr Zaoral, Pete Tasker, and ?????