Heli-Kit News #108, 09-Oct-00

1. Revell have released #4460, their re-box of the 1:72 Italeri S-55.

2. Scale Aviation Modeller International Oct-00 includes a four-page article on building the 1:48 JMGT LeO C.30 (HKN #94), followed by two pages of detail pictures of the Avro Rota / C.30 'K.4232' at the RAF Museum at Hendon, England, 26 pictures in all. The same issue also reviews the Italeri/Revell H-21, the second volume of Ralph Young's 'Army Aviation in Vietnam', and the recent book from Periscopio on the Apache in Hellenic Army service.

3. LF Models, who were supposed to be producing a 1:48 Cierva C8L-III, have come up with a 1:72 Kellett YO-60 instead, #7234.

Made from resin, etched brass and white metal, with decals, this is available for US$32, post free, from Joe's Models, 19 Valley Road, Verona, NJ 07044, USA. Tel: 973-239-7682, Fax: 973-571-9649. Joe's are also advertising a Fa-336 and a Fa-330, both in 1:48, for US$35 each. It seems almost certain to me that these last two are LF re-boxes of the Kora kits - LF have definitely re-boxed the Kora TsAGI A-7; but I have no knowledge at present of a Kora YO-60. We shall see.

4. AD Graphics will publish "IAF Light Helicopters" this month, it may even be out now. This will include the Hiller 360, Hiller UH-12E4, Alouette II, and Bell 47.

5. Aztec Decals have expanded and re-issued their H-60 and MD500 decal sheets, adding a good number of additional options.

The previous UH-60 decals, originally from ARMME, were 72-002 and 48-004. The new decals are 72-009 and 48-009. Each features two full sheets per set, each absolutely packed with everything down to the smallest stencilling, and include: The previous MD500 / MD530 decals, again ex-ARMME, were 72-003, 48-005, and 35-001. The new decals are 72-010 and 48-010. If there is a new 1:35 sheet, I haven't heard of it. You get one full sheet absolutely packed with detail, plus a smaller sheet of blue shapes for the Mexican Escuela de Aviacion Naval 530E: They don't have the new sheets illustrated at the Aztec website just yet, but you can see pictures of them at Hannants, and they are also listed at Flightdecs.

Thanks to Drew Graham & Pete Tasker.