Heli-Kit News #107, 02-Oct-00

1. Airwaves are planning to have the following items ready for release at ModelWorld 2000 in October. These are resin conversions designed to go with the Italeri S-55 #1206. Also available will be a new-style FOD guard / sandfilter for the Westland Sea King. Made from resin, this will have drop-in etched brass mesh panels.

2. Our friends at Linden Hill are now offering Miku and Ciro kits to the US market.

They don't have any Miku helicopters listed at the moment, but they do have the full range of revised Ciro conversions for the Mi-8 Hip. These no longer include the 1:72 KP (Kit Pro) injection moulded kit as standard, presumably in anticipation of the release of the new Zvezda kit, whenever that's going to be (see below). Each now also contains a superb fully detailed resin and photo-etched cockpit set plus revised engine housing and fuel tanks. All sets except C-004 also contain multi-option decal sheets. Full English instructions are included. All are limited edition releases.

The full range is: For more details see Linden Hill's illustrated Ciro section.

3. Mike Belcher has been working flat-out on his new 1:48 Lynx in order to have some ready for Telford. It's looking likely that he will have a number of kits available for sale. Some graphics of some of the 17-18 schemes possible with the kit have been posted at the Belcher Bits site.

4. Fantasy Printshop have issued a set of decals #FP826 for the 1:48 Hasegawa Sea King, featuring the Apollo Recovery SH-3D BuNo.152711.

5. I have some more seemingly conflicting information about the long-awaited 1:72 Zvezda Mi-8 Hip kit. On the one hand it is reported that there has been an announcement that it will not be released this year (a sadly familiar story), but on the other hand more details about the kit have come to my attention.

It seems that the box will contain parts to build both the Mi-8 and the Mi-17, but that it will be released in two different boxes, presumably one of each. Furthermore, I hear that it will also be released under the Berkut label, in two more marking options. As far as I know the following four different markings options are being prepared: 6. Felipe Canuto Miranda, the designer and producer of the excellent FCM decals, has written to say that he is collecting information to produce one or more special decal sheets featuring Police, Fire, and Rescue helicopters. He has information for several Brazilian Police and Rescue examples, but would very much like to include some from other countries. If you can supply detailed information on markings and colours for any suitable helicopters that you would like to see represented, please talk to Felipe.

7. Lastly, take a look at Tony Morgan's outstanding Comanche build review at the much improved Squadron website.

Thanks to Pete Tasker, Tish Swiecicki, Mike Belcher, Tony Morgan, Felipe Canuto Miranda and Yevgeny Borissov.