Heli-Kit News #106, 18-Sep-00

1. Here's some details of the recently released sheets from Model Art Decals:
2. A recent book from Wings And Wheels, Present Aircraft Line No.3 "Czech Tigers in Detail" with 80 pages in all, includes 12 pages of pictures of the Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24D and Mi-24V. The liveries shown are special markings like the tiger-striped Mi-24, and also current camouflage. If you love gaudy schemes such as tigers and sharks, this book is recommended.

3. It looks as though due to time and work constraints Rotorcraft will not have their Oryx, Rooivalk and Bk-117's ready for sale at Telford in October. What they will have on display are the masters plus some photos of two new exciting Oryx variants. This is going to be a disappointment to some modellers but they don't want to cut corners and rush things, so they will display the models and take orders.

Thanks to Manuel Estevez & Colin Burgess