Heli-Kit News #105, 05-Sep-00

1. Revell Germany have announced two more new releases for this year which were not in their published 2000 catalogue: The very bad news is that the 1:72 EC-135 #4457 originally scheduled for October no longer appears to be listed among this year's releases.

Revell #4460, the 1:72 rebox of the Italeri H-19B, is going to have markings for the US Coastguard HO4S-3G / HH-19G, and for the Klu.

2. George Lowe of Galdecal is planning a sheet of Swedish Helicopter decals in a few months time. Top of the list so far is the AB214 Hkp11 ambulance, then the Hkp2 Alouette II, possibly with markings for all three of Army, Marinen & Flygvapnet, then the Hkp3 AB204 and the Hkp6 JetRanger.

If you have any other suggestions, preferably with supporting reference material, please send them to George Lowe, 22 Gowanhill Gardens, Stirling, FK8 1SG, Scotland, or email them to me and I will pass them on.

3. There has recently been some discussion about Swedish 'splinter' camoflage schemes on the rec.models.scale newsgroup, particularly with reference to the Hkp3. Comprehensively detailed drawings of the scheme and its variations were published in Rotor Torque, the quarterly newsletter of the IPMS World Helicopter SIG, issue #7 Winter 96/97. The whole issue is about modelling Swedish Helicopters, and includes several pages of invaluable information about the 'splinter' scheme in general, including colour matching. For back-issues & membership details, contact the retiring editor Pete Tasker, or the new editor Tish Swiecicki.

Anyone with an interest in Swedish Helicopters will also find a wealth of valuable material in two volumes of the Flyplansritningar series by Bjorn Karlstrom, available from most stockists of aviation books.

Vol.6, (ISBN 91-85496-39-1) includes Swedish Military Helicopters, and covers the Hkp1 (Vertol 44B / H-21), Hkp2 (Alouette II), Hkp3 (AB204B), Hkp4 (Vertol 107 / H-46), Hkp5 (Hughes 269), Hkp6 (AB206), Hkp9 (Bo-105), and Hkp10 (SuperPuma). The publication includes highly detailed drawings in 1:50 and 1:72 scales, plus monochrome and colour photos with descriptions in Swedish and English.

Vol.7 in the same format includes the Police Bell47 which features on the Anders Nowotny decal sheet (HKN #100), and also includes a Police JetRanger & a Police LongRanger. The publisher is: Allt om Hobby AB, Box 90133, S-120 21 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: 08-999-333.

4. Model Art Decals have released four new sheets, all of which include helicopters: There will be a full review of these in HKN next week.

5. Karo AS Modellbau are bringing out a resin, metal and Vac kit of the DFS 230 glider in 1:48. Not strictly rotary winged but at last a quarter scale candidate for an Fa-225 Gyro-glider conversion. The alternative in 1:72 is Huma #3000, the DFS 230A.

Thanks to Ted Burnett, Pete Tasker, and Frank Herkenhoff.