Heli-Kit News #102, 15-Aug-00

1.The Aviation Workshop have a new list available; this contains a very large number of interesting items which they propose to release sometime in the future, all in 1:72 scale: 2. Coming soon from Professional is #00348, a 1:48 resin Cierva C-30 with Luftwaffe decals, according to Hannants who this week launched their new-look website. This is presumably the Focke-Wulf C.30 with 160-hp Siemens engine, of which some thirty were built between 1935 and 1938. I am not aware of any records which show any of these in service with the Luftwaffe, though it is likely that any still flying at the outbreak of WW2 would have been requisitioned.

3. Just in stock at Hobbylink Japan: These two were revealed at the 39th Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan in May. While the Apache could be another re-issue of the Dragon kit, there is no other Comanche in this scale, so they are probably original.

Thanks to Gary Madgwick