Heli-Kit News #101, 07-Aug-00

1. Revell's new 1:144 NH90 #4455 has been released. The picture on the box has the same prototype markings as the 1:72 version.

2. Also released this week is the 1:48 Italeri Westland WAH-64D Longbow Apache, #863.

3. Luchtvaart are advertising a 1:48 UH-1D with RNZAF markings, #111. I believe the maker is called Flying Kiwis, and that it is someone else's kit repackaged with new decals. If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.

4. Anyone looking for a little detail information to add to their 1:72 Italeri Mangusta #006 should have a look at the Associazone Modellismo Storicos website.

5. The Aviation Workshop are now carrying the Duarte range (HKN #85, item 6) as follows: If you are having trouble finding the Matchbox Dauphin #PK038/40038, Aviation Workshop have them, as well as a selection of the other kits which go with their conversion sets.

HKN will have more details of new releases from the Aviation Workshop next week, or email them for a list:

6. One of HKN's eagle-eyed contributors has spotted several interesting features in the recent 1:72 Italeri USAF SAR H-19 Chickasaw kit #1206:

Firstly there are some flashed-over holes in the fuselage which might represent the forward mounting location for a set of USAF-style floats (as in the old 1:48 Revell kit #H-173 / 4433).

Secondly, there is an unused part in the box which I am told appears to match the domed-shaped access door seen on the nose of the RN Whirlwind HAS Mk.7 and some other variants.

It has been noted that according to the instructions, the small crescent-shaped piece with two grilled openings that goes under the nose should not be used for the current H-19B version. This seems to be wrong for at least some examples. Nevertheless, the overall impression of this kit is extremely favourable, and in general it seems to have attracted nothing but praise.

7. Extratech have released an etched brass detail set #72116 for the KP Mi-8 Hip-H. The three early and rather primitive offerings for this kit from Eduard have long been unavailable (#72-010/011/012).

8. Cobra Company products are now only available direct from Cobra Company, who now offer on-line ordering through their revised website:

Thanks to Drew Graham, Gary Madgwick, and Tony Morgan