Heli-Kit News #100, 31-Jul-00

Things are always pretty quiet at this time of year, and there doesn't seem to have been any news worth reporting from the recent US IPMS Convention, but I do have a couple of items for this 100th edition of HKN, one of which is particularly exciting. Read on...

1. Anders Nowotny has sent us some pictures of models completed using his own decals.

The R-22 decals were shown in HKN #97, while the new ones for the 1:72 Italeri AH-1/AB-47/OH-13S #095 make a Swedish Police Bell 47G, serial SE-HPA, which is gloss black and white with red details, and looks very smart indeed - that insignia looks especially good. The decal sheet is #720106.

2. Following the publication of the picture of the Rotorcraft Oryx conversion from the IPMS South Africa website in HKN #99, I now have more details of how the project is progressing:

"Since then I have added a lot of parts to the kit. This now consists of: new tail boom and horizontal stabiliser, new sponsons with flotation gear or covers and supports, nose flotation gear, hoist, rotor head and blades, weather radar, intake filters, cockpit instruments, cockpit roof panel and seats, and under-fuselage antennae. There is also a sheet of photo-etched detail parts. The main parts are in resin and white metal, but unfortunately there are no decals as I can't find a printer locally." (any volunteers ?)

"I have decided to give as many detail parts as possible. My original idea had been to use an Airfix Puma and an Italeri Super Puma kit as donors. This would seem to be overkill and start to get expensive, so now with the extra parts I am going to give there will only be the need to purchase an Airfix/Heller Puma."

3. Finally, HKN can now exclusively reveal a most exciting item of news. In conjunction with another enthusiast, Rotorcraft will be releasing a complete 1:72 kit of the Atlas Rooivalk (Production Version). The masters are 75% complete, while the photo-etched parts have yet to be drawn. The kit will be resin, white metal and photo-etched. The release date will be confirmed later, but it will probably be in conjunction with the Oryx. Interested modellers are invited to place pre-release orders by e-mail. More news and photos later.

Thanks to Colin Burgess and Anders Nowotny.