Heli-Kit News #99, 25-Jul-00

1. IPMS South Africa has finally published a small picture which gives us a clearer idea of what's involved with the forthcoming Rotorcraft Oryx conversion.

2. Continuing with the Oryx, I have heard a rumour that Mach-2 may be going to issue a kit of this, presumably in 1:72. I emphasise that this is just a rumour, and anyway I would favour a conversion based on the existing Airfix Puma & Italeri Super Puma kits over a new release from Mach-2.

3. Hannants are advertising the release this week of a resin kit of the Aero HC-2 / Zlin HC-102 Heli Baby, a Czech 2-seater, by a previously unknown (to me) maker called Professional. The kit is #00472, and the scale is 1:72. This unusual helicopter was illustrated in HKN #38 and a possible kit by RVHP was listed in HKN #82. I was never able to obtain the previous MH Vacu kit of this.

4. NKR are listing a 1:72 HUP-3 from MM as 'coming soon'. This may or may not be related to the previously issued H-25/HUP-2 from Yumtk / Interavia (HKN #31); the text on the other MM boxes shown at NKR appears to be Russian. The HUP-3 Retriever was the ex-US Army H-25A with new engine and re-designated the UH-25C for the Royal Canadian Navy.

5. Hobbylink Japan are now offering the 1:72 Tamiya HSS-1 #60736 which is a re-box of the Italeri UH-34D Seahorse #066 but with JMSDF decals and a pair of depth bombs. It was originally issued in 1998, and is only sold in Japan. It was also available from Rainbow Ten. The rotorfold equipment is not included.

Thanks to Colin Burgess.