Heli-Kit News #98, 17-Jul-00

1. Heli-Kit News is pleased to announce a special offer from Matlan of Belgium, exclusive to HKN readers.

Matlan's normal price for the ExtraTECH Aérospatiale SA-315B Lama, #EXA7202 (see HKN #92 for details) is 990 BEF (about US$23 or £15.50). Just mention the Heli-Kit News Special Offer when ordering, and you will pay just 690 BEF (about US$16 or £11). As an added incentive, EEC Customers who buy two at the same time, for delivery to a single address, can have them Post Free.

This offer is not available through any other channels, and is not advertised at Matlan's website. Available for a limited period only.

Heli-Kit News brings you this offer in good faith, and will not be liable in any way for any dissatisfaction. I have bought from Matlan in the past and have been well pleased with their service.

2. Anyone who wishes to correspond with Anders Nowotny about his Robinson R-22 decal sheet (HKN #97) should note his new email address. I hope to bring you details of more heli-decals from this source soon.

3. Luchtvaart are advertising the recent arrival of a book in a series about Hellenic Armed Aircraft and Helicopters, this one covers the AH-64A Apache in Greek service, just the business if you were planning to build the recent Hasegawa Apache 'Special Markings' #00035 in Greek colours (HKN #58).

4. I have been contacted by a reputable manufacturer regarding the possibility of a kit of the Mil Mi-26 Halo. The only drawback is that we need some decent plans or drawings, including fuselage cross-sections. If any readers can help with this, I'm sure everyone else will be very grateful.

5. Just Plane Stuff from the USA have released a 1:48 PSP Helicopter Landing Pad, material unknown. The dimensions are about 185 x 335 mm, and it's available from Squadron mail-order, item #JS0010.

6. Since model news is a bit thin on the ground this week, here are a couple of pictures of the Kjolseth PK-1 helicopter. This prototype first flew in 1955 and is now on display at the newly opened Forsvarets Flysamling (Armed Forces Aircraft Collection) at Gardermoen in Norway. An ideal scratch-build project, if ever I saw one.

7. Latest releases in the Cutting Edge / Black Magic range from Meteor Productions are: I also note that Meteor are listing both CEBM72107 and CEBM72110 as being for the Special Hobby UH-12. If anyone can explain this, please get back to me.

8. And finally, any readers who will be attending the IPMS USA covention in Dallas, 19-22 July, please keep HKN in mind and collect any news that you can for us to share.

Thanks to Math from Matlan, Ted Burnett, and Anders Nowotny.