Heli-Kit News #89, 15-May-00

1. Let's start with an update on the status of the Belcher Bits 1:48 Lynx. Mike says: "Frankly, I am quite excited about this kit, even though it still has a ways to go yet. I have all the info I need on cockpit interiors but virtually nothing for the cabin interior. I need pictures/drawings of sonar winches, seats, consoles, etc for any of the variants. Unless I can get some more info, I might have to make the kit with an empty cabin. Can any of your readers help? Please contact me at belcher@pobox.mondenet.com As for release date, I hope to attend the IPMS UK Nationals this October with the first examples of the kit for sale."

Please contact Mike if you think you have any information that might be of use. The decal artwork is more or less complete, and will include schemes for:

2. MACH 2 have released their 1:72 SE.313 Alouette II. You can see pictures of the sprues at the Austrian website Modellbaustube. The kit comes equipped with skids, skis, and floats.

3. Following my comments on the new 1:72 Italeri AB.204 #1201 in HKN #79, the current kit features just one engine cover (the Gnome option), not the two options as in the test shot. This is rather disappointing, but perhaps indicates a TH-1F/UH-1F/UH-1P release next year ? Markings included are for Italian, Austrian and Dutch examples.

4. IPMS South Africa have a section on the Oryx, including History, a Gallery, a Walkaround, details of Squadrons, and modelling suggestions. I understand that more information on the RotorCraft Oryx conversion will be posted there soon. Follow the links to Oryx through the Reference Page link.

5. The Eduard etched brass set #72-322 for the exterior of the Italeri/Revell H-21 kit includes among many other parts a framework to support dual 265 U.S. gallon drop tanks.

Also due soon from Eduard are #48-327 for the Italeri AH-1Z Viper and #72-336 for the Italeri AS.332/532 Super Pumas.

6. Amodel's Kamov Ka-28 #72-37 is now available. It comes with markings for the Indian and Yugoslav Navies.

7. As with the 1:48 version, Special Hobby's 1:72 Flettner Fl-265 has been re-boxed for sale in Japan by Hasegawa, #SH72020.

The Amodel Mi-1 #72-34 issued at more or less the same time and reported in last week's HKN comes with markings for Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Finland, and Iraq.

8. Coming soon from Atlantic is set #013 which consists of 20 stampeding cows and calves, plus 12 mounted cowboys and 4 on foot, all injection moulded in 1:72. Just the business for that diorama featuring Bell Helicopter's early days in Fort Worth, Texas ?

9. Ciro will be bringing out two more of their resin enhancements of the 1:72 KP Mi-8/17 Hip:

10. Hannants are listing a 1:48 Leo C.30 autogiro in resin with metal parts, from JMTG. The Loire et Olivier C.130 was a French-built Cierva C.30. I assume that JMTG is the Russian company also known as Jumtk and Yumtk, not to mention Interavia.

11. Revell's lease on the Matchbox moulds ran out at the end of 1999 and now the moulds are in China. The kits are re-appearing under the Matchbox label, and are identical to the last real Matchbox releases except that the instructions are in Chinese. You even get the authentic Matchbox multi-coloured sprues! I don't know if any of the helicopters have been re-issued yet, and I suppose a Harbin Z-9 is too much to hope for ?

12. FCM decal sheet #72-12 will be available in early June, and will include markings for the Brazilian Navy Super Lynx Mk.21A as well as a selection of fixed wing types. FCM are also offering sheets of Brazilian roundels and numbering in assorted sizes and styles.

13. And lastly, those snap-kits of the XV-15, S-72, and S-76 (HKN #86 & HKN #88). I'm told that these were originally given away free with large packs of bubble-gum in Japan in the early 1980's. The XV-15 kit was subsequently used as a promotional item by Bell Helicopter, and was also included in the freebie pack at one of the USA IPMS Nationals. There may have been an H-21 in the series as well. I note that the S-76 parts were clearly used as the basis for the later 1:72 resin S-76 which was made by Hong Kong Creation Workshop. This is the S-72, scale a nominal 1:130, the item to the right of the rotor blades is a tool for clearing flash from locating holes:

Thanks to Mike Belcher, Daniel Mikhail, Chuck Holte, Andre van der Hoek, Skip Robinson, Pete Tasker and Colin Burgess.