Heli-Kit News #85, 17-Apr-04

IPMS Scottish Nationals Special

1. The next two sheets from Model Art Decals, to be released June/July 2000, will be:

Also expected to be released at the same time are three 1:72 sheets which will include the following, though the layout of each sheet has yet to be finalised: 2. From Airwaves (ED Models) we will soon have two different RN helicopter decks appropriate for their recent Lynx upgrades (HKN #60), to be followed by British Army Lynx Mk.7 and Mk.9 conversions. Also at various stages of completion are Chinook HC.2 and Gulf War upgrades, and a Puma update with new rotor blades, (though these could be next year before they are available). All these items are 1:72 scale.

3. Aeroclub's long awaited 1:72 Wasp conversion #V135 could be available in the next month or so. More on this next week (I hope).

4. Aeroclub will definitely be importing Miku resins into the UK, including the Ecureuils and the new R-44's, plus the Cheyenne when it eventually appears.

5. The new Cheyenne book has been published. Warbird Tech Series Volume 27, Lockheed AH-56A Cheyenne, by Tony R. Landis and Dennis R.Jenkins, has 100 pages, over 150 photographs, and more than 20 drawings:

Also available from Amazon.

6. I've mentioned the Brazilian resin conversions for the Panther and Super-Lynx before, (HKN #65), but the information at FCM's website has now been updated so that we know they are called Duarte Kits & Conversions.

The Panther set for the Matchbox Dauphin consists of nose, doors, and several unidentified lateral bulges.

The Super-Lynx set for the Fujimi or Revell kits consists of seats, instrument panels, nose, BERP blade tips, and undercarriage sponsons. Duarte tells us that "the Airfix kit is in scale 1:76, so a bit smaller than it is necessary for a good fitting for this set".

Thanks to Andrew Deeley, John Adams, Jean-Pierre Desprez, Tony Landis, and 'Cepon'.