Heli-Kit News #82, 27-Mar-00

1. Extratech's 1:72 SA.315 Lama, rumoured in HKN #65, now seems to be official.

2. Miku Model have released two more 1:72 resin kits with etched brass and decals: I know that Miku's excellent kits have been very hard to find in the past. It may help to know that Miku's distributor in the Czech Republic is Plastikove Modely Ilona Mullerova.

3. Max Decals are working on a range of Aer Lingus decal sheets at the moment but their next military sheet will feature Antarctic Aviation including a number of helicopters. As well as the SH-34 of VXE-6 mentioned last week and other US Navy types, it is intended that there will be Super Pumas and Chinooks from Argentina and a Bell 212 from Uruguay, plus South African Oryx and Pumas. It is intended that this sheet will be ready in plenty of time for Scale Modelworld 2000 in October.

This picture shows the Uruguayan Bell 212 031/CX-BPN, delivered in Jan-81 and air-freighted from Uruguay to the Antarctic by Hercules for 'Summer' operations each year.

4. Rotorcraft are making good progress with their Oryx conversion. This will be a comprehensive set including a new tail boom and new sponsons both large and small (with and without floatation gear), plus a set of photoetched parts where necessary. It will require an Airfix (or Heller) kit for the fuselage and an Italeri Super Puma kit for the rotors etc.

Also on the drawing board are a Bell 47 Ranger and a Scout/Wasp in 1:48, then a filter and hoist to complete a 1:72 BK-117.

5. Just released in South Africa is a book entitled 'Chopper Pilot' written by an endearingly named SAAF pilot - Monster Wilkins. I understand that book is full of photos and can be obtained from the Aviation Shop in Johannesburg for R115 plus postage. Tell them Colin Burgess sent you.

6. Jacques at L'Arsenal is re-offering his 1:400 HSS-1's (HKN #67), this time with a decal sheet printed by ModelArt. You get roundels in three parts, blue and white, red centres, and yellow outers, plus black and white Marine titles and anchors. L'Arsenal, Boite Postal N02, 14790 VERSON, France.

7. Revell have released their new 1:144 Chinook #4459. The following description comes from Eric Verschuur:

"The kit is a scaled-down Italeri kit made in Korea, so it is pretty accurate and loaded with details - a full cockpit and cargo hold, separate doors and escape hatches, hinged rear ramp, fine cargo hook, etc., 108 parts in total (the box says 104, so they probably threw in some more at the last moment !

One style of engine is included, with straight exhausts, no heat shields, and large conical intake screens; this is the correct type for most US Army and all RAF Chinooks, as far as I know. Optional masts are included for a wire antenna (you supply the wire) or an antenna with molded-on wire.

Decals are included for a single US Army livery (A comp. 5 batt. 159 Av.Reg, based in Giebelstadt, Germany, dated 1994). One sprue is marked "US ARMY" and another one "RAF" so you can be fairly certain that more CH-47 versions will follow. Some interesting spare parts are a rescue winch for the front side door, 4 optional bulged side windows and optional front faces for the rear rotor pylon, with and without the oil cooler intake."

8. AModel's new release plan for 2000 includes the following, all 1:72: 9. Some news from the Nurnburg Toy Fair in February which had previously eluded me is that Zvezda officially announced their long-awaited 1:72 Mi-8T 'Hip' #7230, plus a new version of their Ka-29 'Helix' - this time a Ka-27 'Submarine Hunter' #7214, and #7224, a re-packaging of Italeri's Ka-52 Alligator, as well as the Ka-58 Black Ghost #7232 which has already been released.

10. Azur, who specialise in short-run kits of French pre-WW2 aircraft, will be producing a 1:72 injection-moulded Cierva C-30 Autogiro, #7215.

11. RVHP have announced a 1:72 resin Aero HC-2 / Zlin HC-102 Heli Baby, a Czech 2-seater, #7231. One of these was illustrated in HKN #38.

12. Hasegawa's 'new' 1:72 Mil Mi-24 Hind 'Czech Aerobatic Team', #00063, features the same white 'tiger' scheme that has been done on several occasions previously.

13. Albatros Decals (HKN #71) now have their own presence on the web.

14. For an excellent gallery of current and historic US Army Helicopter photos, go to the grandly titled U.S. Army Tacom - Rock Island Aircraft Armament And Small Arms Commodity Business Unit.

15. Some fine pictures of a Royal Navy Lynx HMA.8 and other visitors to Singapore can be seen at S.T.O.R.M.

Thanks to Colin Burgess, Eric Verschuur, and Joe Maxwell.