Heli-Kit News #80, 13-Mar-00

1. Orion Model Accessories will soon be announcing one or more update sets for the 1:48 Hasegawa Sea King. These will include complete interiors for both the standard SH-3 and and the VIP-fitted UH-3 Sea Kings as well as numerous details for the exterior airframe.

2. If you are looking for definitive information on Marinefleiger Mk.41 Sea King camouflage schemes, look no further than Don Color. Here you will find coloured 4-view drawings of five different Mk.41 schemes which will prove extremely useful to anyone attempting to decipher the rubbish in the Revell instructions.

3. Tony Morgan recently picked up a copy of the "new" 1:72 Hasegawa SH-60B with AGM-119 Penguin missile:

"As you might expect, the plastic is all the same as in their other SH-60B releases. The new additions in this kit include resin pylons (port and starboard), missile body, and launch rail. There is also a small etched steel fret with the missile fins and rail antennae that are immediately aft of the cockpit doors. The aerials are almost completely useless, as they present their flat sides facing fore and aft, rather than parallel to the fuselage side as they should be.

Also included is a new decal sheet, which brings the total of NAS Atsugi aircraft that Hasegawa has modelled to three: this kit (#00042) is TA-00/164850, the red-tailed Samurai kit (#DT144) is TA-02/(bu# unknown due to over-painting), and the HSL-51 "Warlords" kit (#DT123) is TA-01/162575."

4. I hear that Mike Belcher is planning to have one or more versions of his 1:48 Westland Lynx available in time for Scale Modelworld 2000. British Army, Royal Navy (HAS.2 & HAS.8), and possibly Aeronavale versions are planned.

Scale Modelworld 2000, organised by IPMS (UK), is billed as the 'First World International Model Show', and will be held at Telford, England, on October 21st & 22nd 2000.

5. The two 1:72 BMW Flugelrad 'flying saucers' from Planet Models are now available. These are also described as 'jet-powered autogyros'. The following description is from NKR.

"The Flugelrad V-2 (#064) is a larger, two seat version of the V-1 (#063), with a number of refinements. Each kit is made up of a large circular wing, a nicely detailed jet engine and the landing gear - four struts and four wheels - all very well moulded. Also supplied are vac form 'dome' canopies and photo etched engine details. Cockpit detail in both kits is minimal and no decals are supplied (neither aircraft has any markings)."

6. In HKN #78 I said "Heller will be releasing an OH-58 Kiowa in 1:48 scale. I imagine this will be a re-boxing of the Fujimi mould, but it could also be the Esci one." However, in the late 60's or early 70's Heller released an OH-58 of their own which came out in Swedish Police markings, so it's more likely to be a re-issue of this moulding.

7. Also in HKN #78, I said "Revell/Monogram's 1:48 AH-1G #5444 has been re-issued".

But watch out ! Randy Smith says:

"I've fallen victim to Monogram's AH-1G label before - it's an AH-1S. Monogram's #5444 is a great kit but it is an AH-1S and takes quite a bit of work to make into an AH-1G. The only true 1:48 AH-1G kits I know are the old Aurora kit #501 and the Fujimi #Q4 (Seminar released this same kit as #1200 or FS004). The Aurora kit has some good features (like the rotor head) but it shows its age and is hard to come by. If there were more of the Aurora kits around it would be a good subject for a detail set. The Fujimi kit really sucks; basic shape is all wrong but closer to the prototype (N209J) than the production AH-1G. Lindberg made a snap tite 1:48 AH-1G (#1143) but it is really basic (As I remember it the shape is wrong and it has maybe a dozen parts).

The best starting point I've found for an AH-1G is to use the Fujimi AH-1S kits. Fujimi make two AH-1S kits that are easier to back-date to AH-1G than the Monogram kit as the Fujimi AH-1S pieces are extras rather than molded into the body (for example the Fujimi kits come with the old style exhaust). These are kits #Q8 and #5A-43. The Q8 is a better bargain as it has everything 5A-43 does, plus extra sprues."

8. Neomega's 1:72 resin cockpits for the Italeri Kamov Ka-52 and the Zvezda 'Ka-58' are available now.

9. Hobbylink Japan & Rainbow Ten are listing the following new or re-issued items which have appeared in Japan this week: 10. The Kaman Huskie reference site just keeps growing. Michael Benolkin has added Terry Sumner's great walkaround shots of the New England Air Museum's HH-43B.

11. In addition to the forthcoming releases which have been noted in previous issues of HKN, the March issue of Fine Scale Modeller has the following: 12. A few good references:

Thanks to Drew Graham, Tony Morgan, Dave Roof, Randy Smith, Colin Burgess, Lee Coll, and Petr Zaoral.