Heli-Kit News #77 20-Feb-00

1. Dave Roof's Orion Decals now have their own embryonic website.

Currently listed there are the following decals: Also coming from Orion will be some resin conversions including: 2. The new Part etched brass set (#72-112) for the Intech Mi-2 kits consists of two extremely comprehensive sheets, sizes 6 x 9cm and 6 x 12cm, plus an acetate film.

Scans of the two brass sheets can be seen at Jadar Model, Poland.

3. You may have seen a letter in the Feb-2000 issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling which warned that a certain Czech-based firm has been marketing poor quality counterfeited copies of NeOmega resin sets as its own. The same letter was also sent to Scale Aviation Modeller International, but the Editor of SAMI has declined to publish this or any other warning for fear of legal action and 'lack of evidence'.

The name of the offender is Pavla, who have also counterfeited resin sets copyrighted to Verlinden and True Details. This has not been sanctioned in any way by NeOmega and is an illegal infringement of copyright. The subterfuge and deception of the modeller has been compounded by certain US-based mail-order houses claiming that Pavla Resin is "aka NeOmega". Do Not be Fooled!

Full details of the real NeOmega range can be found at the Model Spot, and also at their new US importer, Linden Hill.

Coming soon from NeOmega will be a resin cockpit set for the Italeri Ka-52 Alligator.

4. Some of the 'new' releases from Hasegawa's 2000 catalogue are now available both in Japan and in the west, namely: About the only thing new about these kits is the boxes, but don't forget that these AH-1S kits are the best available in 1:72.

5. Revell USA have released a 1:72 'SnapTite' model of the AH-64A Apache (#1183). This comes complete with a free poster and decals for the US Army.

6. The Aircraft Resource Center have published a new set of Randy Smith's photos of the CH-53E Super Stallion in the walk-arounds section on their site. These include many very good interior shots. Also at the same site there are walk-arounds on the AH-1W and MH-53 Pavelow III

Thanks to Pawel Okulski, Dave Roof & Gordon Upton.