Heli-Kit News #75, 06-Feb-00

1. The forthcoming AH-56A Cheyenne book from Warbird Tech (vol.27) by Tony Landis and Dennis Jenkinson now has it's own preview website. Here you will find five pages of images, including a few other rarely seen Lockheed projects such as the CL-475, the XH-51, and the Model 286, N286L (below).

2. Italeri have completely changed their website; their (rather confused) database now includes the contents of their 2000 catalogue, which features a Longbow Apache on the front cover.

This confirms the 2000 new releases as: One can also deduce that the following have been deleted from their catalogue this year: However, the Mi-28 re-appears under the Dragon label (which is where it originated) as #25011.

3. Revell have also updated their website, re-instating the 2000 releases (HKN #69) which briefly appeared and then vanished again; this time with more illustrations. The only new information comes in the picture of the H-19/S-55, which shows a monochrome photo of an unidentified civilian 'bent tail' model. We'll have to wait a little longer to find out whether or not this represents the intended contents of their box.

4. Marco Polo the US importers of Hasegawa, are displaying a Hasegawa 2000 catalogue which contains no suprises: All are 1:72 except the 1:48 Sea King. The Blackhawks are shown with five crew figures each, the Cobras and the Apache are labelled as 'New', but they must surely be re-issues. No doubt there will also be the usual selection of limited-release special-markings variants over the course of the year.

5. Some more interesting links: Thanks to Petr Zaoral, Eric Vershuur and Tony Landis.