Heli-Kit News #73, 23-Jan-00

1. Most of the Revell releases for 2000 which were described in HKN #69 have now been removed from their website, which makes one wonder whether they are having a change of mind, or maybe they weren't supposed to be published yet. Either way we shall soon find out because I believe the printed catalogue was published this week.

2. In relation to the Hawkeye conversion set for the RAN UH-1B/C (HKN #71), Drew Graham points out that we shouldn't get excited about the possibility of using it to correct the awful Italeri 'UH-1C' kit because the Australian version actually has none of the regular Charlie model features such as the larger tail fin and horizontal stabilizer or 540 rotor. Externally it is identical to the Bravo except for a few minor details such as the relocated refuelling point (just like the Italeri kit)!

3. Rainbow Ten are listing the following 1:72 'S' series Fujimi kits as being (re?) released yesterday in Japan: 4. Luchtvaart in Amsterdam have the following versions of the Westland / Sikorsky S-51 from the Polish manufacturer Aerodrom at 17.50 guilders each: #EP05 is the original Aerodrom Dragonfly released back in 1998 and described in HKN #14

5. Squadron have the following new variants of the well known Hasegawa mouldings: 6. A few more details of the Westland Sea King book from Wings and Wheels - it has 52 pages, all English text, 166 colour photos (interior and exterior), 2 pages of colour drawings and 6 pages of line drawings.

Thanks to Drew Graham