Heli-Kit News #72, 16-Jan-00

1. Pictures of the Peruvian Air Force 'Southern Tigers' sheets #72001 & #48001 from Albatros Decals, which include a shark-mouthed Mi-25 Hind-E, can be seen at Linden Hill Imports

2. The Italeri 'Speciale Italia' kits, first reported in HKN #67 and available from Misterkit, are as follows:

#6803 is the 'HSS-1 Seabat', with decals for 4-04 / MM.80166 which is dark sea gray with fluorescent red nose and tail. The two sprues include all the parts from the other variants of this kit (Italeri #066 UH-34D, Revell #4424 H-34G, and Tamiya #60236 JMSDF HSS-1) with the exception of the cabin troop seats, the 20mm cannon, and the FM aerial array. This means that you get both the 'V-leg' and 'bent-leg' undercarriage options, which makes sense because the Italian Navy took delivery of a variety of S-58 versions. You also get the depth bombs and pylons previously only seen in the Tamiya box.

The decal sheet supplied is rather minimalist, but serials for all Italian S-58's are available on Tauro sheet #72-557, and a comprehensive set of stenciling comes on #72-542.

#6806 is the 'AB.412 Carabinieri', with decals for CC-03 / MM.81189 which is dark blue with a white top and bottom. Whereas the S-58 described above contains a sensible selection of parts, this kit includes every single part from the other three variants of this kit (Italeri #084 CH-146 Griffon, Italeri #088 UH-1N, and Revell #4432 Bell 212 'BGS'). Quite a lot of these are surplus to requirements, including the UH-1N's 2-blade rotor and engine housing, the 212's float bags and shark's fin antenna, and various other minor parts.

Again the decal sheet is basic, but it may be that the real thing doesn't have a lot more than the roundels, serials, titles and warning arrows supplied. Tauro offer a very comprehensive selection for Carabinieri AB.205's and AB.206's spread over #72-537, 72-542, and 72-557, some of which may be applicable. Astrokit also make a Carabinieri AB.412 (#72-104) which includes the old Fujimi UH-1N kit and additional resin pieces.

3. Listed as 'due soon' at NKR is a 1:72 version of the Flettner Fl-265 from Special Hobby.

4. In the same NKR list are two 1:72 variants (V-1 and V-2) of the 'BMW jet autogyro prototype' from Planet. I believe these will be the BMW Flugelrad "flying saucers", whose admissibility as rotorcraft is a matter of personal preference.

5. Helicopter Service Australia have an interesting gallery which includes a series of pictures showing a Royal Navy 824 Sqn. Sea King floating inverted in the sea and being recovered by crane to the deck of a ship:

7. Following on from the list of Aviation Workshop decals published last week, the following resin conversion sets are also available. A full and comprehensive list of current and future Aviation Workshop and Hawkeye Models Australia products is available by email from The Aviation Workshop.

Thanks to Tony Morgan, Gary Madgwick, Simone & Giorgio at Misterkit, Skip Robinson, and Drew Graham.