Heli-Kit News #71, 09-Jan-00

1. The box of the new Italeri 1:72 Super Puma #002 says that it contains decals for France, Spain, and Brazil. This turns out to be misleading, only markings for Spain and Brazil are included.

The Spanish option is for an olive-drab FAMET (Fuerzas Aeromoviles del Ejército de Tierra) HT.21 Cougar, serial ET-504, of BHELMA IV (Batallón de Helicópteros de Maniobra), based at El Copero. There is a series of good reference pictures in 'Rotary Elite - Army Choppers of Nato', by Yves Debay and James Hill, published by Concord.

The Brazilian option is for a grey Força Aéronavale da Marinha do Brasil UH-14 Cougar, serial N-7071, of HU-2 based at São Pedro da Aldeida and on Minas Gerais (the aircraft carrier formerly known as HMS Vengeance).

Comparing the plastic with the other Italeri Super Puma #096 released last July (HKN #49), the sprue with the fuselage halves is identical except that the fuselage itself and the cabin floor are shorter, this being the version without the extra section forward of the cabin door. The other main sprue is also the same except that the section containing the Mk.II sponsons and nose flotation gear is replaced by a different section with enlarged (long-range) sponson/fuel-tanks, an under-nose radome, and a pair of optional Exocet missiles, all these parts being intended for the Brazilian version.

Unfortunately, the nose flotation gear required for the Brazilian version is not provided, but you'll probably have it spare from the other kit, so it hardly matters. The other point about the Brazilian version which Italeri seem to have overlooked is that it ought to be provided with an indication of the tail-fold join, particularly as this cuts through the dorsal fin.

2. Heli-Kit News has frequently referred to the excellent German 'F-40' series of publications. I note that these are available for online ordering from Misterkit, though whether they have them all in stock I couldn't say.

3. The The Aviation Workshop are now listing these 1:72 helicopter decals:

Also from Aviation Workshop, the following will be coming later:

4. Updating Hawkeye Models of Australia's lists (HKN #37 & HKN #41), these items are now also available:

A comprehensive selection of USN Sea King decals is planned for early this year.

You can get a Colour Catalogue showing all the decals and conversion kits for A$10 plus postage from: Hawkeye Models Australia, Stephen Evans, 6 Amaroo Cl, Blue Haven, NSW 2262, Australia. (02) 4390 8463. Hawkeye products are now available in the UK from The Aviation Workshop.

6. New from Albatros Decals of Mexico, which Hannants say are excellent quality with colour instructions:

#72001 & #48001, Southern Flying Tigers - Peru Air Force. Mi-25 Hind E with large shark-mouth (also Su-22 Fitter x7, Mig-29 Fulcrum B & C, and Mirage 5P3 and 5P4).

Thanks to Gary Madgwick & Chris Wilson.