Heli-Kit News #70, 02-Jan-00

1. The new Wings and Wheels book 'Westland Sea King in Detail' is now available. There's a picture of the cover, showing the Royal Navy tiger-striped HAS.6, at Matlan.

2. The new FCM decal sheet #32-02 includes markings for a Brazilian Navy Kawasaki-Bell 47G 'Sakura'.

3. Italeri's last two releases for 1999 have arrived: 4. The latest selection of Cutting Edge BlackMagic masks is as follows: 5. For some very nice pictures of Swiss helicopters, notably the Lama HB-XMR, the Alouette II HB-XYB, and the A.109K2 REGA HB-XWG, visit the 'only model helicopter shop in Switzerland'.

Thanks to Skip Robinson.