Heli-Kit News #67, 12-Dec-99

1. Misterkit are advertising the forthcoming release of another variant on the Lynx theme from Airwaves, this time it's #SC72-115 which is described as 'Westland Lynx rotor BURP (sic) blades and new tail rotor'. Presumably this set will consist of the BERP blades and tail rotor from #SC72-107. The BERP blades are already sold by themselves as #SC72-114.

2. Also at Misterkit there is a list of Italeri kits in a '1/72 Serie Speciale Italia' which includes the following at L26,000 each:
3. Misterkit again - WWP publications #2, Westland Sea King in Detail, publication due Dec-99.

4. In a suprise move (not forecast in their 1999 catalogue) Italeri have released a 1:35 UH-1C gunship, 'Mekong Raider', kit #373. The box says the parts are made in the USA and Italy, which makes me almost certain that this must be the MRC kit re-boxed with Italeri decals.

5. Also released this week is the Italeri 1:48 AH-1Z Viper, #858. The boxart shows one in low-viz US Marines markings.

6. The Dragon Models (DMC) 1:144 Mi-28 Havoc #4531 has been re-issued under the Shanghai Dragon label.

7. HKN #23 carried news of some forthcoming decal releases from Orion. As far as I know these have never materialised. Now in response to a question about 1:48 Seasprite decals on the rec.models.scale newsgroup, Dave Roof, the owner of Orion, says:

"I have decals scheduled for release in February for SH-2F/G's from HSL-84 and HSL-94. Although they currently fly G's and the photo's I have are G's, I will include G and F BuNo's. for those that don't want to do the conversion of the Matchbox/Revell kit. If my request to Kaman gets approved, I will do a G conversion as well as a correct interior for it."

8. Another item from the recent UK IPMS Nationals which I didn't mention before is a pair of small-scale helicopter sets from L'Arsenal:
They are cast in urethane resin with photo-etched rotors and undercarriage or skids. One Dauphin and one Gazelle have folded blades. Obviously aimed primarily at the model ship builder, but nevertheless of interest to helicopter modelers. Decals are also available. L'Arsenal, Boite Postal N02, 14790 VERSON, France.

9. The Jan-00 issue of Aeroplane magazine has a ten page article on the Fairey Rotodyne which includes rare interior photos and a double-page cut-away drawing. Also in this issue there is a page on the museum at College Park, Maryland, which features an excellent photograph of the Berliner 'Helicopter' on loan from the Smithsonian.

10. A reboxing of the 1:50 Heller AS.350 Ecureuil by HTC of Brazil was described in HKN #21. It may not have been available then, but I understand that it is now. The decal sheet is by FCM, and includes:
Profile artwork of each of the options are at FCM Decals.

Thanks to Frank Herkenhoff, Colin Burgess, Alexandre de Campos Triffoni, and Pete Tasker.