Heli-Kit News #66, 05-Dec-99

1. The 1:72 Italeri A.129 Mangusta is out now, kit #006. Comprising about 80 parts on two sprues, you get decals to make two olive-drab Italian AvEs (Aviazione dell'Esercito) 'Batch Two' aircraft, as delivered 1995/96:

You can see scans of the box and instructions at Triple-A.

2. Shanghai Dragon have re-issued the 1:35 Dragon Models US Helicopter Crew set, #3311. This consists of two door gunners, with weapons, plus pilot and observer, intended I believe for the DML Loach.

3. Updating the list of White Ensign 'Airstrike 700' resin and etched brass 1:700 helicopters for use with ship models which was published in HKN #09, the following have been added to their range:

AS7127 MH-53E x2AS7220 Cayuse x5AS7224 Ka-25 x3
AS7171 Puma x5AS7221 Kiowa x5AS7225 Ka-27 x3
AS7176 AH-1W x5AS7222 Super Frelon x3AS7226 Ka-29TB x3
AS7177 UH-1N x5AS7223 Dauphin 2 x3AS7227 Ka-50 x3
AS7181 CH-53E x2

4. Insignia Magazine #12 includes decals for a Mil Mi-34 'Hermit', VF-3601; and an UH-1H, VF-1806, of the Bosnian & Croat Federation Air Force. It's curious that Insignia / Blue Rider have a history of making decals for kits which do not exist, but which subsequently appear. Previous examples include the A.109 and the Bell 412.

5. I unequivocally retract the doubts which I published about the Revell H-21 end-plates last week. The instructions are all correct for the airframes in question.

6. The 'new' Hobbycraft CH-113 Labrador (May 2000) and H-21 (April 2000) will of course be the same plastic as their previous ones, but they will have new or at least revised decals.

7. Tushino Aviapress are advertising a CD-ROM entitled 'Kamov Ka-50 Illustrated Story'. They say "it contains the rich library of colorful slides and films, in-depth history of creation, construction of experimental copies and their flight copies, prospect for the development, and multimedia section of technical characteristics.

8. The December issue of Internet Modeler has an illustrated review of the Special Hobby Sikorsky R4B by Michael Benolkin.

9. The Part brass detail set #72-099 for the Italeri/Revell H-21 is illustrated at Jadar Model.

10. Eduard's brass detail set #32-043 for the Revell Alouette II is now available, as is their set #72-318 for the recent Hasegawa AH-1S Cobra.

Thanks to Pete Tasker and Adam Cooper.